LaundryCard is

LaundryCard is a holistic laundromat solution that gives store owners all the tools they need to succeed in one integrated system. Say goodbye to counting coins and hello to custom loyalty cards, on-the-fly reporting, custom marketing tools, employee management and remote management.

If you are looking for a ‘Card Only’ solution for your Laundromat, look no further. LaundryCard is perfect for new and existing stores with 40 or more machines.

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LaundryCard can help you make more money. Show me how

Collect your store from
one centralized location

LaundryCard replaces all of the traditional coin mechanisms with networked card readers in a store, Customers get a loyalty card from one of the X-Changer kiosks by inserting cash or a credit card. The value added to the loyalty card can then be used to start the customers desired machine.

All sales and start information is recorded centrally and available for reporting and analysis. And since there are no coins used to start the machines there is nothing to collect except the cash receipts located in the X-Changer kiosks. Collections are fully auditable so you can even let someone else pull the money without worry of shrinkage.

A store that would normally take 2 hours to collect with coins, can now take 5 minutes, giving you time to manage your business rather than work it.

Manage remotely
from any internet device

Use the power of the Internet!

LaundryCard has been designed to work with any device that has an Internet browser. You can remotely control, view, and configure the system from a smart phone, tablet or PC. Run sales reports, configure specials, change vend prices all from the comfort of your home or office.

You are no longer limited by distance when opening new stores, complete remote management is now possible.

What's new with LaundryCard? Version 9 is here! Learn More!

Manage employees

LaundryCard doesn’t just automate your collections, it manages your employees too.

  • The Integrated employee time clock will help automate your weekly payroll.
  • All work schedules can be entered and managed by the head attendant with automatic overtime control.
  • The task scheduler will ensure that employees are reminded of what they are supposed to do and let you run reports on what tasks are not getting done.

Managing a laundry has officially gotten easier!

Reach new sales goals by implementing a loyalty program.

Encourage your customers to return through loyalty programs and enticing new customers through marketing specials, LaundryCard will help you take your business to the next level.

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Manage service repairs
with equipment status screen

Lets face it, things break. The faster you repair your equipment the faster its making money for you again.

The Equipment Status Screen allows attendants the ability to disable a washer or dryer for service in the event of a malfunction. The attendant simply marks the affected machine at the X-Changer with the appropriate service problem. The LaundryCard reader will be disabled preventing customers from using the machine. The Equipment Status Screen can be viewed remotely, allowing someone to schedule the appropriate service. Once the machine is repaired by a service technician, the technician updates the Equipment Status Screen and the LaundryCard reader will allow customers to use the machine.

Using LaundryCard’s Equipment Status Screen means less time diagnosing problems and hence lower repair bills.

Advanced marketing
and loyalty programs

Reach new sales goals by implementing a loyalty program.

Competition is everywhere.  How are you going to set your business apart from the others? Giving customers  incentives and specials will ensure your bottom line stays healthy.

Big bill bonuses, Free dry, Discounts, Wash to Win, Coupons, and Birthday bonuses are just a few of the programs LaundryCard offers.

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Only LaundryCard Gives You This Many Features...

  • Technician Card
    Technician Card

    In a LaundryCard system every employee has a dedicated card that highlights their responsibilities. The store owner can issue a service technician with a Technician Card, this person may be an employee or possibly a third party service company. The Technician Card will allow the service technician the ability to view the machines that the attendants have marked out of service. Once the equipment has been serviced the technician can mark the machine back into service and record the solution into the system. This action creates a service log for the machine, this log contains the time and date of failure, description of failure, attendant who recorded, service technician who repaired, and solution to failure. The Technician card also records the amount of time that a technician is working in the store.

  • Collector Card
    Collector Card

    In a LaundryCard system every employee has a dedicated card that highlights their responsibilities. In some large multi store chains there is a dedicated collector that retrieves the collections from each store. In a LaundryCard store the collector is issued a Collectors card, this card enables the system to track the date, time, and amount of each collection. This card is also helpful for single store owners who need to give collection responsibilities to someone else while they are away.

  • Advanced Reporting
    Advanced Reporting

    LaundryCard has the ability to provide detailed transactional reports for almost anything a store owner may want to know. These reports are all ‘Live’ and can be used to analyse store performance and customer trends. Some of the reports provided are: Totals Report, Totals History, Bonus, Bonus History, Average Totals, Weekly Totals, Employee Hours, Service History, Employee Usage, Attendant Duties, Collection, Monthly Report, Machine Activity, Multi-Vend Analysis, and even a custom download tool to extract raw data that can be used to generate your own custom reports.

  • Attendant Card
    Attendant Card

    In a LaundryCard system every employee has a dedicated card that highlights their responsibilities. When a store owner hires a new attendant they are issued an Attendant Card, this card is used to access the many functions that may be required for the attendant to perform their job effectively. The Attendant Card give the attendant access to the following functions: Merge Card, Card Activity, Screen Reset, Check Messages, Clock Out, BNA Power Cycle, Refund, Scheduled Duties, Attendant Work Schedule, Customer Error Messages. Each of these features will empower you staff to safely and effectively manage your business.

  • Schedule Store Deadlines and Reoccurring Events
    Schedule Store Deadlines and Reoccurring Events

    This feature allows the store owner to schedule tasks with deadlines, this way the operator can schedule reoccurring events like cleaning the bathroom, or cleaning the lint traps, or sweeping the floor and the system will remind the attendants of the task and tracks whether or not they complete them or not on time.

  • Technician Time Tracker
    Technician Time Tracker

    The system requires that service technicians check in and out with the system, this allows the store owner to compare time logs with service bills to validate service time.

  • Technician Solution Tracker
    Technician Solution Tracker

    When technicians service the equipment in the Laundry, they will be prompted by the system to enter in the solution to any problems they resolved while in the store. These solutions are tracked with the service history of the machine and are available for the store owner’s review.

  • Wash To Win
    Wash To Win

    Wash to Win is a unique way to promote loyalty and encourage card retention. This program allows customers to earn Wash Points when they use the laundry equipment and the system will automatically reward these customers when they reach a certain point goal. This program also includes a complete sign package and offers a LaundryCard™ stores a competitive edge over any Laundromat.

  • Attendant Scheduler
    Attendant Scheduler

    This allows a designated ‘Head Attendant’ or Manager to enter in work schedule information into the system. This allows all of the Attendants to review their schedule from any X-Changer. It also allows the system to control overtime and “forgotten clock out” situations. If a scheduled employee forgets to clock out of their shift the system will automatically clock them out after a grace period at their scheduled clock out time.

  • Disable Systems for Service with Status Screen
    Disable Systems for Service with Status Screen

    With the Equipment Status Screen you or your attendant have the ability to disable a machine for service as well as record the machines service problem. This screen can then be accessed by a service technician and guide them toward the problem. That means less time diagnosing problems and lower labor charges. This screen can also be accessed remotely to give store owners a snapshot of how many machines are ‘marked’ out of service.

  • Cycle Configuration
    Cycle Configuration

    This allows store owners to reconfigure the cycle configurations without ever touching a washer or dryer. By using the simple point and click interface from home the owner can add prewash, or extend a spin time, change dryer temperatures, or even create a custom cycle! Once the data is entered into the X-Changer the system automatically uploads and reprograms all of the machine in the store! *Supported equipment Only

  • Online Backup Option
    Online Backup Option

    Online backup is an automatic backup process that runs each night, the process backs up important data files to allow for a complete recovery of data in the case of severe data loss. The backup package will be transferred though the internet to a CCI storage server where it will be secured and managed incase a recovery is required. These back up packages will be kept for 5 days before the oldest files are removed to allow space for the next backup set. The Online Backup service will automatically E-Mail CCI tech support if a backup was not successful. CCI tech support will take the necessary actions to resolve any backup issues.

  • Remote Monitoring Option
    Remote Monitoring Option

    Remote Monitoring is an unattended watch dog service that will monitor the computer status and health of the X-Changer computers. Guidelines and parameters are set so that the service ‘watches’ over the computer and alerts CCI technical support in real time of specific issues. CCI technical support will be able to respond to these issues and remedy such issues through remote access tools and or through contacting local store owner.

  • System Notification Option
    System Notification Option

    System Notification is an automated alerting service. The LaundryCard system currently generates a flag (Red Line) when it detects an error with in the CCI Software, historically this flag is the responsibility store owner to monitor. If a message is posted by the system that the store owner is not familiar with they would contact CCI tech support for assistance. The system notification module will automatically E-mail CCI system messages to the appropriate person based on message content. For example if the system detects that the card dispenser is empty, or the bill acceptor is jammed the system would e-mail the store owner. If the system detects that there is a database error, it will e-mail CCI tech support.

  • Multi-Store Networking Option
    Multi-Store Networking Option

    Multi-Store Networking service allows multiple stores from within the same ownership or franchise to transfer card data between live. For example if a store owner operates three locations in the same town, customers can purchase a card in Store A and use the card in Store B or Store C as well. When a customer visits a store that is different from their previous visit within a franchise the customer will be required to insert their card into the X-Changer in order to transfer their card. Once the card has been transferred the balance on the card will become immediately available. The totals report will have an added field to show store owners the dollar amount of card balances that have been transferred in or out. The Multi-Store Networking service requires a full time synchronization server to be available at all times in order to handle transfer requests from franchise locations. This server is to be hosted at a CCI managed location on redundant servers. This server will monitor and index transfers of specific card numbers and provide search optimization to minimize transfer times.

  • iPhone Compatible
    iPhone Compatible

    The remote access feature support the use of many different browser types, this allows users to access the LaundryCard system with the Apple iPhone.

  • Integrated Battery Back Up
    Integrated Battery Back Up

    If your store looses power your LaundryCard system will be safely protected by the integrated battery backup. After a few minutes if the power is not restored the battery unit will execute a safe shutdown process to avoid any system damage. Once power is restored the system will automatically boot to normal working order.

  • Integrated Speaker
    Integrated Speaker

    The integrated speaker allows the X-Changer to talk customers through system transactions. This friendly bi-lingual voice can help customers feel more comfortable with the system and bridge the gap between attendants and customers that do not speak the same language.

  • Cycle Based Pricing
    Cycle Based Pricing

    This feature allows store owners to charge different amounts for different cycle selections by customers. In this scenario the customer could pay less for a cold wash rather than a hot wash. This could also allow the store owner to charge a premium for modifier cycles like “Extra Wash” or “Extra Rinse” *Supported equipment Only

  • Credit / Debit Card Acceptance
    Credit / Debit Card Acceptance

    The system allows laundry customers to transfer funds from their credit card to their LaundryCard™. This feature can be integrated into the X-Changer so that no additional kiosk or transfer machine needs to be installed. The upgrade seamlessly integrates with the system to provide the customer a single point of purchase.

  • High Speed Internet Access
    High Speed Internet Access

    For store owners who want to access their system over the internet can take advantage of this new technology and access their store from any internet enabled PC.

  • Centralized Collections
    Centralized Collections

    Less time spent emptying each machine and dealing with thousands of quarters. Collections take seconds rather then hours. There is also less exposure to the public with cash. Your collections become safer.

  • No Coin In Machines
    No Coin In Machines

    Virtually eliminates vandalism to machines due to attempted theft.

  • Laundry Card Balances Encourage Loyalty
    Laundry Card Balances Encourage Loyalty

    By having customers pay first and use the system, establishes that customer with a sense of loyalty, and encourages customers to return.

  • Unrecoverable Float Increases Bottom Line
    Unrecoverable Float Increases Bottom Line

    In some situations customers may not use all of the balance left on cards by either losing or discarding them. This float becomes a part of your bottom line.

  • Card Specific Discounts
    Card Specific Discounts

    By being able to discount individuals, uniquely give an owner the ability to create an endless number of marketing programs to promote their store. Senior citizen discounts and student discounts can now become a part of your marketing strategy. This can help you target your primary audience and focus on those markets.

  • Retrofit Existing Coin Stores
    Retrofit Existing Coin Stores

    Laundry Card has been designed modularly so that retrofitting an existing store is affordable.

  • Large Bill Bonus
    Large Bill Bonus

    By encouraging customers to use larger bills, you encourage customer loyalty through the float. Laundry Card is the only system that will accept $100 and $50 dollar bills.

  • Large Bill Bonus
    Large Bill Bonus

    By encouraging customers to use larger bills, you encourage customer loyalty through the float. Laundry Card is the only system that will accept $100 and $50 dollar bills.

  • Cycle Time on Readers
    Cycle Time on Readers

    This gives the customer a good idea of how much time is left on a machine. During peak periods customers will be more aware of when machines will become available and when cycles will finish.

  • Save Time with Integrated Time Clock for Employees
    Save Time with Integrated Time Clock for Employees

    As in all businesses that have hourly employees, dealing with timecards and adding hours each week can take time. With the integrated time clock employees can clock in and out of their shifts. The hours are then reported to you for easy payroll calculations. Just one more time saving feature that can help you efficiently run your business.

  • Storable Customer Info
    Storable Customer Info

    Getting to know your customers is a valuable commodity in business. By being able to store your customers personal information, you can offer them extended services and help to build customer loyalty.

  • Mirrored Databases For Auto Backup
    Mirrored Databases For Auto Backup

    Since Laundry Card uses multiple CPU’s to operate a store, both CPU’s are updated simultaneously, creating a backup without a separate backup routine. This mirroring insures that your customers account information is always secure and protected.

  • Emergency Start Mechanism
    Emergency Start Mechanism

    With other networked card systems, in the event of a serious failure all washers would be rendered inoperable, With Laundry Card each card reader has an emergency start program, which can start the machine it’s attached to with a special super card. This last layer of redundancy ensures that your businesses uptime.

  • Touch Screen Interface
    Touch Screen Interface

    In combination with the Super VGA monitor interface, the system is equipped with a touch screen rather than buttons. This industrial grade interface is durable and can withstand the harshest environments. The flexibility of the device opens endless opportunities for future expansion and upgrades.

  • Card Readers With Two Line Displays
    Card Readers With Two Line Displays

    By designing the card readers with multiple line displays we can give the customers more information regarding their account and their current cycle. This makes the system more user friendly and customers more comfortable with the technology.

  • Dual CPU’s For Added Security
    Dual CPU’s For Added Security

    It would be foolish not to consider the possibility of an electrical or mechanical failure. That is why when LaundryCard was designed “redundancy” was deemed an intrical part of it’s operation. By assuming that in the rare likelihood a computer should fail, a second CPU takes control and continues to operate the system with no user intervention. This secondary CPU is a mirror image of the original and would be capable of handling the system until the primary CPU was replaced or repaired.

  • High Security Locks
    High Security Locks

    By utilizing Medeco High Security locks on the LaundryCard X-Changer, laundry owners can feel at ease that the cabinet is as secure and protected as any cash holding safe.

  • Spanish and English Instructions
    Spanish and English Instructions

    With Laundromats opening in more diverse neighborhoods, LaundryCard has the ability to enable the laundry customer to choose the language they prefer. The system will also remember the customers language preference and continue to display appropriately.

  • Two Year Warranty
    Two Year Warranty

    While other card system manufacturers offer only one year warranties, Card Concepts stands behind the quality and performance of our product and proudly extends a two year full warranty on all parts included with the system.

  • Two Year Free Software Support
    Two Year Free Software Support

    Every product CCI offers is backed by highly trained service personnel. LaundryCard™ provides 2 years of free phone support available 24/7.

  • Special Messages
    Special Messages

    Send a unique message to any customer or employee. This feature allows you to enter a unique text based message directed to a specific card and when the target card is inserted at the X-Changer the message pops up for the user to read. Thank customers for their loyalty, remind employees to complete tasks, any text message can be displayed.

  • Hourly Sales Report
    Hourly Sales Report

    Monitor and track the busiest times of the day with the hourly sales report, this report shows each hour in the day and displays the amount of income and sales for each hour. A date range can be entered that will average the sales over multiple days to provide a wider range of data.

  • Birthday Bonus
    Birthday Bonus

    Customers can now receive a bonus on or near their birthday. Operators can configure a birthday bonus that will automatically apply a bonus to their card with a set number of days before or after their birthday. Customers that receive the bonus will be greeted with a special message at the X-Changer when they receive the bonus.

  • LCD Touch Screen Interface
    LCD Touch Screen Interface

    With most static printed instructions, many customers do not read them, causing confusion. By utilizing the latest technology in computer monitors we are able to visually interact with the customer and graphically instruct users how to operate the system. It allows your customers to easy adapt to the technology and reduces the frustration, sometime caused by new technology.

  • Registration Bonus
    Registration Bonus

    Customer can now be rewarded for registering their card automatically by the system. For example if a customer enters their registration information the system will apply a $2.00 bonus to their card. The program is configurable by the operator.

  • Integrated Card Dispenser
    Integrated Card Dispenser

    LaundryCard is completely self-contained and it comes equipped with an automatic card dispenser that eliminates the need for attendants to sell or give out cards.

  • Coupon Program
    Coupon Program

    Create custom coupon codes that can be distributed to prospective and existing customers. Coupon codes can be then entered in by the customer at the X-Changer, the system will redeem the reward automatically. Coupons can be configured to either issue the customer a bonus on their card or provide a discount level that expires on a specified date.

  • Self Registration
    Self Registration

    Customers can now access an On-Screen keyboard that will allow them to enter their name, address, phone, birthday, and email address. This information can be used to market to your customers or allow them to recover lost card balances.

  • Merge Card Report
    Merge Card Report

    New Merge Card Report added shows filtered detail regarding merge card activity.

  • Card Activity
    Card Activity

    Customers can view their own Card Activity allowing them to review the transactions they have performed in the store and verify their card balance. The activity shows machine starts, values added to card, bonuses earned and redeemed, also now shows full merge card info, including source, target, and employee card numbers.

  • Updated Collection Report
    Updated Collection Report

    The Collection report has been updated to include the live bill totals in the bill stacker. When connecting to the system remotely you can not see the number of each denomination of bill as well as the total bill count. This is helpful to determine when it’s time to collect. The printed collection report also show the bill breakdown along with the system total.

  • E-Mail, Birthday and Comments
    E-Mail, Birthday and Comments

    New fields have been added to the user tables to allow you to collect customers e-mail and birthday information. Also new comments field has been added to hold special ‘private’ notes regarding a customer. All of the customer collected information can be exported and used to create e-mail blast marketing campaigns or traditional mailings

  • Attendant Training
    Attendant Training

    The Coin Laundry Association (CLA) which provides education and supportive services to the Vended Laundry industry produced a Attendant training video. This DVD is included with every LaundryCard premium system; as well the content has been copied to the system so it can be played back in the store on the X-Changer screens. Since many Laundromats do not have DVD players easily available the X-Changer monitor is a perfect place to play this training video for new employees. These videos will play in both English or Spanish.

  • Free Dry
    Free Dry

    The Free Dry campaign allow the system to reward customers with free dry time based on which washer they use. This allows store owners to control how much ‘free’ time the customer receives. This eliminates abuse typically found with traditional free dry promotions

  • Real Time Monitoring Of Store Activity
    Real Time Monitoring Of Store Activity

    When you can’t physically be at your store, it is comforting to know that you can always access your Laundromat and monitor its status from any remote location.

  • 24/7 Technical Support
    24/7 Technical Support

    Because we understand that your business relies on weekends and evenings, we have committed ourselves to offering you service, when you need it.

  • Repair/Replace Program
    Repair/Replace Program

    Card Concepts is committed to providing valuable services even after the warranty expires. By providing a Repair/Replacement Program for out of warranty card readers, store owners can feel comfortable that the readers can be economically replaced if necessary.

  • One Touch Collect Function
    One Touch Collect Function

    One of the major benefits of having a card system is its ability to reduce the exposure to cash and coins to the public. When collecting from a Laundry Card System all that is needed is a collectors card and your index finger. The necessary bookkeeping report is generated and the registers are reset. This allows multiple store owners to spend less time collecting at each location and even allow trusted employees to collect.

  • Impact and Water Resistant Reader Housing
    Impact and Water Resistant Reader Housing

    It would seem obvious that a card reader installed on a washing machine would have some water resistant properties. The Laundry Card reader is enclosed in an ABS plastic housing, with a polycarbonate display lens which is extremely impact resistant. The housing is securely fastened to the cash box of most machines and a neoprene gasket is used to keep moisture and debris away from the reader itself.

  • Intelligent Insertion Card Readers
    Intelligent Insertion Card Readers

    Card readers have been designed to sense any electrical abnormalities. If a card reader detects an abnormal electrical problem the onboard electronics will disable itself to prevent any chance that the abnormality will spread to other card readers. Periodically the infected reader will attempt to restore itself. If the problem has been resolved the reader will come back on line or it will remain disabled.

  • Dual Power Supplies with Auto Switching
    Dual Power Supplies with Auto Switching

    Similar to the CPU’s, the power supplies that are responsible for energizing the system components are duplicated and have an intelligent switching mechanism that will seamlessly detect failures and alert the owner of a problem. All of this occurs with no effect on the system performance.

  • Time Of Day Pricing
    Time Of Day Pricing

    Time of Day pricing allows store owners to configure the machines to have different prices at different times of the day or different days of the week. For example a store may have lower prices during mid week or mid days versus on weekends and evenings. This allows store owners to attract business during slow periods, and maximize profits during busy periods. What makes LaundryCard unique is it’s ability to change the pricing up to 3 times per day.

  • Low Cost Personalized Cards
    Low Cost Personalized Cards

    With every system, laundry owners are offered low cost replacement cards. All of our cards are personalized with your store name and information, at no extra cost to the laundry owner. Other cards can cost as much as $4.00 per card. LaundryCards are typically available for less than $.70.

  • Card Deposit Tracking
    Card Deposit Tracking

    The system can charge your customers a deposit on the card and keep track of these customers. The deposit can be returned if the card is returned. This also prevents customers from claiming to have paid a deposit when they may not have.

  • Remotely Control Systems from Any Mobile Device
    Remotely Control Systems from Any Mobile Device

    Using the latest in web page technology, LaundryCard has been designed to work with any PC that has a Internet Web Browser and a modem. You can remotely control and view the system status, view sales reports, set up marketing and bonuses, and even dispense a card for an employee or attendant! All of this without installing any special software on your home or office computer!

  • Store Information from One Centralized Location
    Store Information from One Centralized Location

    LaundryCard is a networked system. There is never a need to gather your daily totals from each machine. With a mangers card and your index finger all of the store information is available from one centralized location.

  • In-Store Snapshot of Stores Current Totals
    In-Store Snapshot of Stores Current Totals

    One of the major benefits of owning LaundryCard is the fact that your sales information is totaled and available to a store owner at any time whether it be standing in front of the X-Changer or sitting at home in front of a computer. Unique to Laundry Card, is the ability to check totals on the monitor without opening the cabinet and print them out without touching the keys, or counting a single bill. All reports are Live and require no data to be imported or downloaded. Today’s totals, week to date, Month to Date, Last Month and Year to date sales information is all available instantly.

  • Eliminate Coins with Loyalty Cards
    Eliminate Coins with Loyalty Cards

    As vend prices rise and stores get bigger, the physical task and limitations of accepting coins makes eliminating coins a popular choice among new store owners.

    LaundryCard, eliminates the use of coins at each machine, rather customers add value to a loyalty card from the central kiosk (X-Changer) and then swipe their card at machines to start them.

  • Penny Incremental Vend Pricing
    Penny Incremental Vend Pricing

    With volatile utility costs its difficult to maintain a healthy profit margin when you can only charge your customers in $.25 increments.

    LaundryCard allows you to assign vend prices to your machines in penny increments, and allows easy adjustment of those vend prices as utility costs change.

    Having the ability to vend your equipment to the penny also allows you to advertise prices like $3.99, or $6.99, these near dollar price strategies have been used by retails for years and can give you that extra advantage over your competitors.

  • Perfect for stores with 40 or more machines
    Perfect for stores with 40 or more machines

    LaundryCard is perfect for medium to large stores

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