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We are continually making improvements to our products to take your laundromat to the next level, and we are excited to announce LaundryCard Version 9 – and with it comes all of these great features!
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Version 9

Last updated 01/17/2019

Brand New User Interface

LaundryCard is getting a face lift! Version 9 introduces a brand new user interface, providing a refreshed, customizable user experience for both customers and store owners. We’ve simplified the old interface to be more appealing, with an updated design, easier navigation and a great new voice over.

Prize Package Program

Are you ready to do something unique with the marketing for your store? Give your customers another reason to keep coming back with Prize Packages! Store owners can choose what prizes they would like to offer and how many points it will take customers to earn each prize. As customers do laundry at your store, they earn ‘wash points,’ which they can view at the X-Changer at any time. They are also able to view what prizes are available and how many points it will take to earn each prize. Once a customer has enough points, they can select the prize of their choice from the Prize Package screen and redeem it via the attendant. Click here to learn more about setting up Prize Packages.

Customizable Management Screens

One of the most commonly requested features from our current customers was to have the ability to allow employees customized access to the LaundryCard system. With LaundryCard Version 9, you can now assign which screens your employees have access to, using the new Customizable Management Screens feature. Employees will only be able to see the menu items they have access to. This is a great way to help owners delegate responsibility within their store. Click here to learn more about setting up permissions.

NFC Integration

LaundryCard V9 introduces support for ApplePay and AndroidPay! Now, customers can use their smartphones to add value right at the X-Changer. Having additional payment options is just one more way that LaundryCard creates a convenient laundry experience. This feature is only available with an upgrade to EMV hardware.

Lost Card Recovery

Let’s face it, customers lose their laundry cards. Now with the Lost Card Recovery feature, in just a few quick steps, selected employees can assist customers with lost cards right at the X-Changer! The employee is able to search by the customers registration information and dispense them a new card with the same details and balance. Once this is complete, the lost card is marked invalid. Click here to learn how to recover lost cards.

Optional EMV Integration

Credit card issuers are aggressively replacing users debit/credit cards with EMV enabled cards. In order to accept these cards at the X-Changer, EMV hardware must be integrated with the LaundryCard system. An upgrade to this EMV hardware also gives you the added benefit of accepting NFC payments! That means your customers can use their smartphones to add value right at the X-Changer. Click here to learn more about EMV Integration.

Optional Integrated Camera Feature

Your customers have been anonymous for far too long! Now with the optional Integrated Camera feature from LaundryCard Version 9, you can monitor who’s interacting with the X-Changer. A webcam within the X-Changer will capture images of users purchasing and adding value to cards. This is a great added security benefit for store owners. Images can be viewed through the reports on the admin site.

Credit/Debit Card Surcharge Fees

We've gotten several requests from store owners, to have the ability to pass credit/debit card transaction fees on to customers, with a surcharge. Our most recent update to LaundryCard includes this feature! We've created a field in the 'General Info' page called "Credit/Debit Surcharge," that lets you charge a percentage rate for each credit/debit transaction. On the credit card page where your customer types in the amount they want to charge, they will see text explaining that there will be a x% credit card convenience fee added to the transaction.