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Giving your customers reasons to do business with you versus your competition begins with encouraging loyalty.
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Big Bill Bonus

Big Bill Bonuses allow you to award your customers bonus dollars for adding value to their loyalty account. The more they add, the more loyal they will be to your business. As customers add more value, your business will build float—the amount of money added to accounts but not yet spent. Overtime, float has actually been proven to pay for the entire LaundryCard system.

Free Dry

No one can deny the advertising power 'Free Dry' carries with customers. By controlling the amount of Free Dry credits a customer earns based on their wash usage, LaundryCard’s Free Dry program is completely flexible, can be scheduled for only certain days of the week, or awarded to customers on specific machines.

Wash to Win

This loyalty points program is a great way to reward your most loyal customers. As customers use equipment in the store they earn points, and once they reach the points goal a bonus is automatically added to their card. Customers can then use this bonus towards their next machine start. The program is completely configurable allowing you to configure how many points customers earn for every dollar spent and how many points they need to earn to be awarded the bonus.

Birthday Bonus

Everyone loves to get gifts on their birthday! With LaundryCard you can automatically award a customer a bonus to their card in honor of their birthday. Once a customer has registered their LaundryCard with the system and entered their birthdate the system will give them a special birthday message and a bonus the next time they visit the store on or near their birthday.


Discounts are the mainstay of any promotion or advertising special. LaundryCard allows you to configure any discount amount to any card. As a discounted card is used in the machines, not only will they receive their discount but no one around them has to know. Establish discounts for groups, and market to specific customers. Offer military, senior, or charity discounts and watch your popularity soar.


With LaundryCard you can automate the redemption of coupons. Configure a coupon code online and then distribute any way you like—direct mail, coupon circulars, email, and even social media. When your customer brings the coupon code into the store, they simply enter the code on the X-Changer Kiosk and the system automatically applies the promotion to the customer's card. Coupons can be configured to provide a temporary discount which expires on a specific date or can be configured to issue a bonus to a customer's card. Be creative and use the coupon system to tailor a promotion that will bring customers in.

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