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We offer many add-on features and programs to help you streamline operations, protect your business and provide excellent service to your customers.
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Last updated 08/30/2022

Cellular Back-up

In the event of a primary internet outage, the CCI Cellular Backup service will become active and provide continued internet connectivity for the FasCard system. It can also be used as your primary internet service. This internet backup service mode allows FasCard owners to add backup capability for maximum "up-time" protection.

Cellular Backup is a low cost, peace of mind option for FasCard locations looking to ensure there is continuity of service in the case of internet connection failure. Your customers never notice a service interruption, saving you from frustrations and stress.

EMV Kiosk Payment

The world of payment is changing, upgrading to the NEW FasCard TouchKiosk EMV Bezel today will protect your business from chargebacks and give your customers more ways to pay with less contact.

The new bezel featuring EMV payment support allows you to accept chip credit/debit cards, contactless credit/debit cards, and NFC payments such as ApplePay, GooglePay and SamsungPay.

Get the new EMV Bezel today!

FasCard Kiosks

Give your customers the ability to not only add value to their loyalty account with cash or credit / debit cards. but also allow them to dispense new loyalty cards. The user-friendly touch screen display makes transactions easy and fast.

Talk to your distributor about ordering a FasCard TouchKiosk or Add Value Kiosk

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