Don’t Ignore Your Property’s Laundry Room!

June 12, 2018 | FasCard

A property’s landscaping and exterior painting are always kept up with, but a facility’s laundry room is all too often ignored and put at the bottom of the priority list. Showing your laundry room a little attention can turn it into a valuable amenity for your multi-housing property. Incorporate the following tips to give your laundry room a facelift and create a place where your residents will want to do their laundry.

Safety and Security

Provide a safe place for your residents to do their laundry by making sure the outside and entry ways of your laundry room are well-lit. Consider placing locks on the doors and making your facility only available to residents. Improve security by minimizing the risk of coin theft and vandalism, by simply getting rid of the need for coins with FasCard.

Clean and Bright Space

No one wants to do laundry in a facility that is dark and dirty. Consider updating or adding lighting to make your room more attractive. Adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls is an easy way to bring new life to your laundry room. Make sure your facility is clean and there are trash/recycling cans for residents to use.

Adequate and Reliable Equipment

Do you have enough equipment for the needs of your residents? Do you have any washers and dryers that need to be replaced? Adding a FasCard system to your laundry room gives property managers web-based management tools to monitor the status and performance of all their equipment live.

Smartphone Technology

Smartphones play an integral role in the lives of your residents. Smart technology in your laundry facility streamlines the way your residents interact with your machines and makes doing laundry easier. With the FasCard app, your residents can manage laundry cards, remotely check machine availability, request cycle completion notifications and even pay for cycles!

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Flexible Payment Options

Providing flexible payment options makes doing laundry at your community convenient for your residents and encourages them to use only your facilities. The FasCard system works with your existing coin laundry machines and accepts credit/debit, laundry cards and in-app Apple pay to give your residents a faster vending experience.

Comfortable and Inviting

Make your laundry facility an attractive place where residents want to come and stay. Consider adding accessories to create an environment that feels like home. Provide seating, magazines, board games and TVs to encourage relaxation and socialization. Turn your laundry room into an area where residents experience comfort and a sense of community.

If you’re ready to take your laundry room to the next level and start making your laundry room work for you, let’s talk.

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