Get more out of your facility's laundry room...

Property managers who are looking to get more out of their laundry room are turning to FasCard to allow their residents and guests an alternative to coin laundry. The addition of card acceptance increases your total revenue, provides a faster more convenient vending experience, and offers improved security for you and your tenants.

FasCard not only allows you to accept cards but also introduces a holistic solution to running your laundry room. FasCard allows you to manage laundry rooms remotely from your laptop or smartphone and introduces valuable metrics and notification features. Additionally, it gives you the ability to provide your tenants with amenities that will bring value to your property.

FasCard is perfect for laundry rooms where there is an internet connection available, see our compatibility guide to find out if your machines will work with FasCard.

See what property managers are saying about FasCard then take a look at the full list of features.

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