CCI and Cents Integrate for Laundromats Across America

June 17, 2021 | FasCard

Card Concepts Inc., a leading innovator of automated payment systems, marketing and management solutions for the self-service laundromat industry, with over 40 years of experience in the business, has integrated with Cents, an in-store operations platform that enables laundromat owners to run and grow their WDF business.

As laundromat operators aim to grow their revenues and become multi-store owners, the importance of centralizing data and information is a necessity. At the same time, customer demand for full-service and on-demand laundry has increased, and the need for a centralized system to track all aspects of laundromat ownership has grown exponentially. The integration between Cents and CCI enables operators to leverage CCI’s best-in-class hardware and card technology, alongside Cents’ POS, online ordering, and business management platform.

“For over 20 years CCI has been the preferred payment system for self-service laundromat operators. Offering store owners the ability to integrate with Cents was a logical next step in ensuring that CCI customers are equipped with the tools to maximize their profitability. ”  -Steve Marcionetti, President of CCI

“At Cents, everything we do is focused around creating the largest network of laundromat owners that can leverage the Cents platform to increase margins and revenue through operating efficiency and larger order volume,” said Alex Jekowsky, CEO of Cents, “It has been incredible working with the CCI team to power their stores as well as mutual customers across the industry. This partnership will help operators take further control of their business, increase their margins, and create the best customer experience.”

Existing Cents and CCI customers are already seeing the results of this partnership.

“The Cents & CCI integration is seamless and makes it so much easier for our customers to pay for drop-off services and over the counter supplies using the laundry card. My attendants do not have to handle cash, and as an owner that eliminates any trust issues that come up. All my attendants need to do is type the card number in and the order is paid. It makes it all so much easier!”

– Matthew Maggiore, Sunrise Laundry

Through this partnership, Cents and CCI customers will have access to an all-encompassing business solution with an innovative POS, modern payment technology, wash/dry/fold operations, employee management, store marketing, remote business management, revenue reconciliations and more!


Card Concepts Inc. is a leading innovator of automated payment systems for the self-service Laundromat industry. We develop, manufacture and sell laundromat payment solutions with complete business management systems to provide laundromat owners with all the tools they need to be more profitable and maintain a high level of service. Aside from a full range of payment solutions, our products also include on the fly reporting, marketing tools, remote management capabilities, employee scheduling and more! Over 3,000 owners have automated their laundromat and increased revenue with CCI systems, the journey starts at

Cents is a venture-backed software company building the first market-network in laundry with a mission to outsource laundry day in America to local garment care professions and business owners. Through Cents, garment care professionals have access to best-in-class software proven to save them money that will drive additional revenue through remote ordering, on-demand services, and more. To learn more about how Cents works for laundromats, dry cleaners, multi-family/residential, and for consumers, visit us at