Add Fascard to your existing machines to accept both credit cards and coins. Ideal for laundromats and laundry rooms.

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A holistic laundromat management system. No more counting coins with this feature rich loyalty card system.

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Introducing the F2 Card Reader

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Learn about LaundryCard directly from one of its users

Bill, former board member and chairman of the Coin Laundry Association (CLA), believes LaundryCard is the premier card-only laundry payment system.

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Not your average laundromat owner, not your average laundry payment system

Laundromat owner and former engineer Kostas tells the story of his search for the perfect laundry automation system.

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“The float alone has paid for the entire LaundryCard system”

LaundryCard Store Owner

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“Customers love that they can use credit cards or coins”

Owner of U-City Coin Wash in San Diego CA

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“I couldn't be in the laundromat business without LaundryCard”

Multi-Store owner, Southern California

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“Before FasCard we could have never managed our own laundry rooms, now we can”

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Laundry Room?

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  • Accept coins, credit & debit cards, and loyalty cards
  • Choose your own processor
  • No minimum card reader purchase
  • Wireless card readers
  • Smart phone interface

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  • Eliminate coins with Loyalty Cards
  • Centralizes collections
  • Penny incremental vend pricing
  • Laundry card balances encourage loyalty
  • Perfect for stores with 40 or more machines
CCI has the best after-purchase customer service of any company I've EVER dealt with.

Daniel Sofranko – Huntington Beach, CA
The float alone has paid for the entire LaundryCard system.

Art Jaeger – Los Angeles, CA
It has improved customers loyalty and keeps them coming. People like to use their credit card if they are low on cash.

Kevin Beggs – New England
I can see every turn of my washers and dryers and that’s invaluable to me as an absentee owner

Mischelle Romesberg – Daytona, FL
Can make a store’s value go up and worth more and therefore make it more sellable. It’s a lot easier for someone to run too.

Kevin Beggs – New England
In my line of business, as an airline pilot, I simply couldn’t do it without LaundryCard

Bill Norteman – Chicago, IL
I was able to start a machine remotely to solve a customers issue, saving me an half hour drive

Mischelle Romesberg – Daytona, FL
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