7 Ways to Effectively Market Your Laundromat and Rise Above the Competition

April 4, 2019 | FasCard

The right marketing can help spread awareness of your laundromat, draw in potential customers, boost return customers and increase your bottom line, but where do you start? Here are 7 ways to effectively market your Laundromat and rise above the competition!

#1 – Effectively Brand Your Laundromat

Developing an overall brand for your laundromat is essential to making your mark in a competitive industry. Your website and all signage, advertising, social media accounts, etc. should look and feel consistent. Bright colors and bold fonts should help catch people’s attention, but you should also define the voice and tone for your business, so when you spread the word about your laundromat it sounds consistent too.


#2 – Create a Google My Business Profile

The laundry industry is so hyper-local that strong local marketing is crucial to your success. Most people who are looking for laundry services find one by searching “laundromat near me,” so you should create a Google My Business profile to appear in the top search results for those in your area. You can also start collecting reviews, add photos and your contact information, making it easier for a potential customer to decide they’ll do business with you.


#3 – Consider Search Advertising

In addition to creating a Google My Business profile, you could explore the option of paying for Google Search Ads for your laundromat business. Search ads are generally the first couple of search results when you Google something, so they’re great for brand awareness and grabbing the attention of people who are looking for your services.

The best thing about search advertising is that the budget is completely up to you. There are no minimums, so you can keep your campaigns at a relatively low cost. You can control which search keywords you bid on or only serve ads to people in certain locations, plus you’re only charged when someone clicks on your ad, meaning you could potentially get thousands of brand impressions for free.


#4 – Install a Card System That Allows You to Build a Loyal Customer Base

Card systems not only allow you to accept multiple forms of payment, but some systems also come with programs that enable you to build loyalty with your customers. Consider a card system that lets customers build loyalty points, receive birthday bonuses, bonus packages, free dry offers and more. Customers will continue coming back to your store if they have an incentive.

At CCI, we offer FasCard, a coin and card hybrid solution, or LaundryCard, which is a complete management solution and FLEX, a flexible coinless solution. All 3 allow you to run discounts, coupons and other bonuses that encourage loyalty and help you build float.


#5 – Offer Additional Amenities

Stand out from your competitors by offering additional amenities at your store, such as free Wi-Fi, wash and fold services, or vending machines that sell laundry essentials or snacks. This way you can draw more customers in while also adding additional revenue streams to your property.


#6 – Try a Direct Mail Campaign

Put together a direct mail campaign to reach potential customers in your area and educate them about your store. Mail a small flyer or postcard to specific zip codes near you and offer potential customers a discount or special promotion to encourage them to come into your store. At the very least, you’ve gained brand awareness.


#7 – Sponsor a Local Team or Organization

This is a great PR opportunity and easy way of spreading the word about your business. It’s very common for small businesses to sponsor a team at a local school or an after-school organization. You can even pin a poster or flyer about their sport season that year in your store to show support. Now every time they wear their jersey, they’re a walking advertisement for you.

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