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FasCard is more than just a way to accept credit and debit cards. Utilizing the integrated loyalty “wash card” programs will help you attract new business and encourage loyalty with your current customer base. FasCard’s loyalty programs are not only for loyalty card users, but coin customers too! Coin customers just swipe their card before they inset their coins and the system will track and manage their rewards.

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Bonus Packages

Bonus Packages allow you to award your customers bonus dollars for adding value to their loyalty account. For example, you could give customers a $2 bonus for adding $20. Not only will your customers be encouraged to pay you in advance, you now have them obligated for $22 in service! The more they add, the more loyal they will be to your business. As customers add more value, your business will build a ‘Float’. Float is the amount of money added to accounts but not yet spent, as your Float increases so will your customer loyalty. Overtime Float has actually been proven to pay for the entire system!

Loyalty Points

Loyalty points will keep your customers coming back, week after week. Its a simple program with powerful results. Every time a customer starts a machine, they earn points, once they reach the point goal, they automatically receive bonus credit on their account. Customers are alerted of their reward right at the FasCard reader. Also, customers can monitor their points progress from any FasCard reader, Kiosk, or smart phone. You can be creative with the program and advertise events like “Double Point Tuesday” or “Triple Points for Early Birds”. The options are endless.

Free Dry

The phrase ‘Free Dry’ often brings chills to store owners, but no one can deny the advertising power it carries to Laundromat customers. FasCard’s Free Dry program makes everyone happy! By controlling the amount of Free Dry credits a customer ‘earns’ based on their wash usage, FasCard’s Free Dry program will keep track of everything. Completely flexible, Free Dry can be scheduled for certain days of the week or you can only award customers Free Dry credits on specific machines.

Group Discounts

Discounts are the mainstay of any promotion or advertising special. FasCard allows you to configure as many groups as you wish and assign a unique discount to each group. As each group member uses the machines, not only will they receive their discount but you will get valuable sales information regarding each group. Groups can even be configured without a discount, and allow you to monitor specific customers. Host a fund raiser for the local school, and donate a portion of the groups sales to the cause. Great way to earn positive PR in your community an raise awareness to your business.

Add value from any card reader

Adding value to a loyalty account has never been easier with FasCard. Every FasCard reader is also a ‘Value Transfer Machine’, when a customers swipes their loyalty card they are presented a menu with the option to add value to their account. By selecting this option they are prompted to choose a transfer amount and then to swipe their credit/debit card. Once the transaction is approved the account is updated with the new credit balance. This balance is available immediately, and the customer can start the machine when they are ready. This feature is included with every card reader. No other system provides this option!

Payment Kiosks

Accept cash payments without an attendant. Payment Kiosks are automated machines for accepting cash from customers to add value to their loyalty cards. Customers simply insert or swipe their loyalty card, insert cash and walk away. The balance is immediately available to them to stat machines and all of the cash is securely stored inside the kiosk for later collection. FasCard can alert you when the kiosk nears capacity or when someone collects. FasCard offers two different payment kiosks to compliment your Loyalty program. The Touch Kiosk not only accepts cash and credit card payments but also can dispense new cards to your customers. A friendly touch screen display walks your customers through the process. The ‘Add Value’ kiosk is simple way for customer to swipe their existing loyalty card and insert cash, no card dispensing. Both kiosks interface wirelessly to the FasCard system and are easy to configure and use.

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