FasCard Cellular Backup Service

We’ve got you covered!

In the event of a primary internet outage, the FasCard Cellular Backup Service will become active and provide continued internet connectivity for the FasCard system. This internet backup service mode allows FasCard owners to add backup capability for maximum up-time protection.

Cellular Backup is a low cost, peace of mind option for FasCard locations looking for maximum ‘up-time’ and to ensure there is continuity of service in the case of internet connection failure. Your customers never notice a service interruption, saving you from frustration and stress!

  • *This is where the cellular service will be installed
    *If you do not want your modem shipped to the location above, please provide a shipping address below
  • Price: $300.00
    *If you have multiple locations you would like this service for, you will need to purchase a router and fill out a form for each location. *Note that Cellular Backup Service plans are per location. One plan cannot be used for multiple locations.
    Backup Service provides auto fail over backup to primary internet service and can be utilized for up to 48 hours per billing month. The price associated with the plan is a recurring monthly fee.
  • $10.00
  • $0.00