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Giving your customers reasons to do business with you versus your competition begins with encouraging loyalty.
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bonus packages

Bonus Packages allow you to award your customers bonus dollars for adding value to their loyalty account. The more they add, the more loyal they will be to your business. As customers add more value, your business will build float—the amount of money added to accounts but not yet spent. Overtime, float has actually been proven to pay for the entire FasCard system.

free dry

No one can deny the advertising power 'Free Dry' carries with customers. By controlling the amount of Free Dry credits a customer earns based on their wash usage, FasCard’s Free Dry program is completely flexible, can be scheduled for only certain days of the week, or awarded to customers on specific machines.

loyalty points

Loyalty points will keep your customers coming back, week after week. It's a simple program with powerful results. Every time a customer starts a machine, they earn points. Once they reach the point goal, they automatically receive bonus credit on their account. Customers can monitor their points progress from any FasCard reader, kiosk, or on their phone.

group discounts

Discounts are the mainstay of any promotion or advertising special. FasCard allows you to configure as many groups as you wish and assign a unique discount to each group. As group members use the machines, you'll collect valuable sales information regarding each group.


Coupons are a great way to communicate with your audience and give them incentives to utilize your service. FasCard's coupon feature allows you to create various rewards for redeeming the coupons via the FasCard smartphone app or the Touch Kiosk.


FasCard is more than just a way to accept credit and debit cards. Utilizing the integrated loyalty “wash card” programs will help you attract new business and encourage loyalty with your current customer base. FasCard’s loyalty programs are not only for loyalty card users, but coin customers too! Coin customers just swipe their card before they insert coins and the system will track and manage their rewards.


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