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A powerful payment and loyalty system without the need for physical cards.
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Built for Both iPhone and Android

Smartphones play an integral role in our lives and in the lives your customers. With the FasCard app, available for both iPhone and Android, your customers will be able to create an account, add value, manage loyalty cards, remotely check machine availability, request cycle completion notifications and even start a machine!

With all of these features, the FasCard app acts as digital a loyalty card. Customers who use the app will no longer need to own a physical card, but can instead use the app in the same way. They can take advantage of all of the loyalty programs at their favorite stores, and the app will keep track of it all.

The FasCard app will streamline the way your customers interact with your machines and do their laundry, which will improve customer satisfaction, increase your profits, and grow your business.

Only FasCard offers all of these features on any smart device!

See Machine Availability
and Remaining Cycle Time

App users can see what machines are available without needing to physically be in your store, and they can also see the remaining cycle time of machines currently in use, giving them time to plan their commute and increasing customer satisfaction.

other features

START WITH A SCAN While customers can manually choose which machine they would like to start via Quick Start, one of the biggest features of the FasCard app is the ability to use their phone’s camera to activate their machine. When users go to ‘Quick Start,' their camera will prompt them to scan the code on the machine’s card reader: a near effortless way to start their laundry.
ADD VALUE & MANAGE CARDS Customers will no longer need to visit a kiosk to load money on their loyalty card. They can now load money from within the FasCard app itself, completely eliminating the need for cash and streamlining your business.
Digital Loyalty Card The FasCard app acts as a loyalty card. Customers who use the app will no longer need to own a physical card, but can instead use the app in the same way. Or, if they forget their loyalty card one day, they can use the app, because functionality between the app and physical cards are interchangeable.
Used it at my laundry mat. Works great! Don't have to get quarters ever again.

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Push Notifications

Customers won't have to worry about walking away from their machines or running an errand mid-cycle. With the FasCard Mobile App, they have the option to receive cycle completion notifications through the app itself or via email. This feature can be customized within the settings section of the app.


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