The Secret to Remotely Managing Your Laundry Room

June 4, 2019 | Management

We get it — managing your property’s laundry facilities can be a headache sometimes. Machines can become damaged without your knowledge, they’re a hassle to collect (not to mention sometimes unsafe), and you’re tied to coins and coin-based price increments, so raising prices is almost never an option. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could efficiently manage your laundry room without having to tend to it so often?

Switching from coin machines to a card system can be the secret to remotely managing your laundry room.

Card Systems Make Collections Easy

The collection process of a coin-only laundry is tedious and very time consuming. You have to constantly go around collecting coins from each machine as their coin boxes fill or hire a route operator to do it for you and lose out on profit. Neither way is ideal, and both cause unnecessary stress and distraction when you should instead be focused on caring for current residents and attracting new ones.

A card system like FasCard makes the collection process much simpler. By adding the option to pay by card, not only do you reduce the number of collection points, but you reduce the number of times you’ll have to collect as well. You’ll also receive coin box full notifications, so you know exactly when each machine needs to be collected.

Additionally, coin machines are also susceptible to vandalism and theft which can leave you with costly damage. FasCard can minimize or eliminate these issues by simply getting rid of the need for coins.

How to Take Control of Your Laundry Room Without Quarters

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Card Systems Provide Remote Management Tools

With a card system like FasCard, you have the ability to remotely change your prices incrementally whenever you decide. Instead of raising prices by only quarter increments, you can easily just adjust it by just pennies at a time, all from your laptop or smartphone. Incrementally raising your prices allows you to increase profit over time while minimizing the impact on your tenants. You can begin to offset expenses in your laundry room or elsewhere on your property and start bringing in money more strategically.

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FasCard also allows you to remotely run reports, configure alerts, and monitor the status of the system and all equipment. You no longer have to worry about how well the laundry facility is performing or the nightmare of finding out from a tenant that equipment is down. Monitoring this information can be conveniently accessed from any device, regardless of whether you are in the office, traveling, or at home.

Card Systems Create a More Convenient Resident Experience

The FasCard app is a unique offering for your residents and is an added value when leasing units at your property. Showcasing that you have this feature or offering “Free Laundry” when leasing could attract residents to your property!

With the FasCard app, residents can quickly see which machines are available and receive cycle completion notifications. Instead of waiting in the laundry room, residents can go about their day and come back to grab their laundry when it’s done. This way, the laundry room is never overloaded, and it doesn’t lead to upset residents.

Considering FasCard

Making the switch to a modern, straight-forward laundry experience allows you to take control of your laundry room and makes managing your property much easier. Download our ebook to learn how you can turn your laundromat into a coinless operation and take back ownership of your laundry room!