Taking the Worry Out of Employee Management

August 17, 2016 | FasCard

Many laundromat owners are concerned about how they will train and manage employees for their stores. They are worried about having to physically be in their stores all of the time or spending that time in the store on managing employees. Tools such as LaundryCard and FasCard are changing that and giving laundromat owners more time and freedom. Instead of hours spent in the store overseeing employees, these products help owners by giving them remote control of employee management and making many employee and managerial tasks automated. Laundromat owners can now devote their time to other pursuits from anywhere Internet is available.

Having LaundryCard products in your laundromats means you don’t have to hire as many employees. Technology can do many of the processes in a couple of minutes that once took employees a couple of hours to do. LaundryCard products accept credit/debit cards and loyalty cards, keep track of rewards programs and automate collection of monetary transactions for card-carrying customers. These products can be controlled remotely by any Internet device.

LaundryCard doesn’t just automate your collections, it manages your employees too. LaundryCard has automated the day to day managerial tasks that are normally done manually and allows you as an owner to remotely oversee your employees. The employee time clock will record hours worked and help automate your weekly payroll. All work schedules can be entered and managed by the head attendant. The task scheduler will ensure that employees are reminded of what they are supposed to do and by when and lets you see what tasks are not getting done. LaundryCard gives you detailed transactional reports for almost anything a store manager with employees may want to know including employee hours, employee usage and attendant duties.

Implementing LaundryCard technology lets you issue employee cards to your employees. Employee cards allow your employees to take care of such issues as machines restarts and rewashes without ever having to handle cash. This means you don’t have to hand out quarters to your employees to restart machines for customers. You can manage and audit your employees usage and add value to their cards at any time from anywhere with an Internet device.

The difference between a laundromat that uses the technology at their disposal and one
that doesn’t can mean more than you think. Allowing technology to automate managerial processes and tasks means more time for you. FasCard and LaundryCard makes your job as an owner easier and takes the stress out of managing your employees. Complete remote management of your laundromat store and its employees is now possible!