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On premise laundry rooms can add value and an additional revenue source to your property. How can a multi-housing laundry room increase revenue beyond what is currently being brought in? Moving away from coin-operated laundry machines and toward a card payment system will expand your total profits, provide a faster, more convenient vending experience for your residents and take the stress out of running your laundry room. In this post, we’ll show you three ways that adding modern payment options to your facility’s laundry room can add value and boost profits for you and your property.

Incremental Vend Pricing

Using incremental vend pricing allows you to increase your pricing by smaller amounts over time, without the restriction of having to use quarter increments. By replacing the perception of “putting one more quarter in the machine” with the quick swipe of a card, the price increase will have minimal effect on your residents. Raise vend prices incrementally with FasCard and stop missing out on potential revenue!

Roll into Rent

Having the option to add laundry costs right into rent prices, allows you to advertise your property with “Free Laundry”. Your residents will receive a laundry card that auto-fills with the same amount each month, creating a hassle-free laundry experience. Add FasCard’s “Roll into Rent” feature to your facility to make doing laundry more convenient for your current residents and help attract new residents to your property!

Time is Money

Collecting coins from each machine in your facility is time consuming. If you are paying someone else to do it for you, that is still money out of your pocket, combined with the uncertainty of how much is actually being collected. FasCard allows you to see real-time profits and sales data for each machine remotely without having to collect coins, so you can take control of your time and revenue!

CCI’s FasCard system works with existing coin laundry machines and gives your residents and guests an alternative to coin laundry. FasCard can do more than just accept payment; it can help you and your property make more money! Property managers who are looking to get more out of their laundry room are turning to FasCard. Contact us today to learn more about our FasCard payment solution and how investing in the right technology can take your laundry room to the next level!