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Last updated 12/15/2020

Marketing Messages

This new feature allows the admin to send marketing push notifications directly to users. The admin can filter customers by multiple data points to customize the audience they want to receive their marketing message. You can also insert merge tags to personalize your messages. Here are some marketing message ideas:
  • Welcome first-time customers
  • Balance Updates
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Coupons
  • New Promotions/Rewards Programs
  • Holiday Messaging
  • Missing You

Feedback to Admins

FasCard Mobile App allows users to report service issues directly through the app. Now all app feedback will be sent to a designated store admin of the owners choosing. CCI will receive a copy of all “App” related feedback in the case it is something we need to address.

Maytag Compatibility

Release 24 introduces Gen 2 interface compatibility with the latest generation Maytag small chassis equipment.

Merge Loyalty Cards

You can now merge multiple loyalty cards/accounts onto one designated account. A new Merge section has been added on the Loyalty screen, where an admin can enter the card number or email address of the target account which will merge all balances, points, and activity to the designated card/account.

Updated Employee Page with Satellite Details

The FasCard app now has a streamlined employee login page, hiding the google map to create simpler navigation and more space for employee-only features (i.e. buttons, reports & status displays).

A new push notification feature informs selected employees of satellite outages. They can open the mobile app to see the location of the outage, satellite number and satellite outage history.

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