FasCard Software

What’s New in FasCard

Release 14 – Available to all FasCard Customers (Available August 2017)

In-App Apple Pay

Allow customers to use ApplePay on their iPhones to add value to their loyalty account.

Spanish Language

Card readers now allow users to view instructions in Spanish.

Scheduled Tasks

Schedule repeating tasks for your attendants and have them view and update their progress through the FasCard smartphone app.

Run reports to view which attendants completed tasks and if they were completed on time, a whole new level of remote store management.

Employee Work Schedule

  • Manage your employee work schedules through the FasCard admin portal
  • Employees clock in and out from any FasCard reader in the store
  • Employees can use the FasCard smartphone app to view their upcoming shift times
  • Run time card reports from the FasCard admin portal and process your payroll with ease

Maximum Daily Credit Card Limit

  • Configure the maximum daily purchase amount from any single credit card
  • Reduce fraud potential, limit your liability

Offline Credit Card Mode

  • Allow credit cards to be used even if your internet goes offline
  • Transactions are processed when internet connectivity is restored

Auto-Reload of Loyalty Balance

Configure loyalty accounts to automatically reload the balance or bonus on a schedule

Cellular Backup

  • New option for FasCard locations looking for maximum ‘uptime’, system automatically fails over to cellular connection when primary internet fails.
  • Laundromat customers never notice an interruption in service
  • System automatically falls back to primary service once restored
  • Low cost peace of mind

CCI Internet Service

  • New option for FasCard locations looking for low cost internet options
  • Reliable LTE 4G wireless service is easy to configure and manage
  • Plans start as low as $20 a month (*taxes and fees not included)