Managing Your Laundromat Remotely

March 18, 2015 | Marketing

Recent technological innovations introduced by machine manufacturers and Card Concepts Inc. provide laundromat owners and operators unprecedented freedom to manage their businesses from locations of their choosing. By providing access via the Internet to a comprehensive overview of the operational status of a laundromat, the LaundryCard and FasCard solutions empower owners to oversee every facet of their business from the convenience of their mobile devices.

Coinless Operation

Whereas the need to collect coins from machines requires employees or owners to make frequent trips to a laundromat, multi-unit building or facility, the introduction by machine manufacturers of coinless laundry payment systems permits longer intervals between servicing. Not only does coinless payment reduce the demand to employ onsite help, but it also facilitates greater recordkeeping accuracy and automation.

LaundryCard by CCI leverages this new technology by substituting networked card readers in the place of mechanical coin receivers.

Customers purchase a reusable loyalty card with cash or credit card from a card kiosk. Each coinless cycle transaction is recorded automatically, permitting effortless online analysis with LaundryCard’s application. And because money collection in centralized at loyalty card kiosks, collecting the cash is a quick and painless procedure that may save hours of owner labor.


Smart Cloud-Based Monitoring

Simplified payment collection is only one of many advantages of the LaundryCard and FasCard solutions. Remote monitoring from a smart phone, tablet or PC of machines in use or in need of repair allows owners to schedule maintenance whenever necessary. Owners can also respond in real-time to periods of slow activity by adjusting rates and offering customers discounts with the digital laundry payment systems that CCI offers.

Not only do these smart card laundry systems help eliminate the burden of collecting physical monies, they both also have more subtle advantages.

For example, if a laundromat or multi-housing building does still utilize coin mechanisms, FasCard monitors the level of coin boxes so that owners can arrange for a pickup and then follows up with a confirmation email when collections are completed. LaundryCard even helps owners manage their employees by automatically recording hours worked and reminding staff of tasks needing completion. With remote control of so many crucial operational factors, owners can devote their time to other pursuits from anywhere Internet is available.

Other Remote Management Resources

Coinless laundry payment and remote monitoring with LaundryCard and FasCard provide the essential oversight needed to maintain off-site supervision, but other technological luxuries contribute to the ease of remote management.

Many applications and online tools offer owners helpful resources that simplify the routine tasks of running a business from afar. The additional complexity involved in managing a laundromat from off-site demands extra attention to detail and high levels of organization from owners, and a few tools can help them keep track of key aspects of the business.

Because owners monitor remotely, it’s important that all management resources are cloud-based and accessible from the Internet. Owners interested in remote management should consider incorporating the following applications into their management routines:

  • Dropbox – An excellent file-sharing resource that allows users to transmit and store large files online.
  • Google Docs – A good online method for sharing and editing essential business documents with employees or co-investors.
  • QuickBooks Online – The online version of the popular small business accounting software allows owners to tie directly into their bank accounts and manage finances anywhere Internet is available.
  • Breeze – Online project management application that helps coordinate tasks, track progress and organize priorities.

Potential investors seeking opportunities that allow them ample time to commit to other jobs or pursuits will discover that industry experts such as CCI provide easy and secure remote management solutions. Combined with widely available project management and accounting tools, these resources make an already proven business model an ideal option for off-site management.

For a more in-depth treatment of managing laundry rooms and laundromats both in store and remotely, download our free whitepaper, Must Know Tips on Managing a Multi-Unit Laundry Room.