How to Become a Successful Remote Laundromat Owner

November 24, 2014 | LaundryCard

Whether it’s the ability to work from home, having a more flexible schedule, or being an out-of-state laundromat owner, many business owners find that the remote management is a perfect fit for their laundromat.

That is exactly what Barry Monroe was looking for when he installed CCI’s digital payment system, LaundryCard in his North Carolina-based laundromat.

All revealed in a 2 part and article published by American Coin-Op called: Managing the ‘World’ from Out Of State (Part 1) and Managing the ‘World’ from Out Of State (Conclusion) by Hanna Miller.

Here are a few excerpts highlighting a number of features and benefits included in the CCI LaundryCard laundry payment solution.

A combination of special people and advanced technology enables Barry Monroe to successfully run Wash World laundry in Charlotte, N.C., 90 miles from his Columbia, S.C., home.

The technology that the Monroe’s depend on to keep them abreast of what’s happening in the Charlotte wash, their only North Carolina location, is a CCI (Card Concepts Inc.) automated wash card dispenser.

The computerized machine does a host of other things besides dispensing cards that customers use to run the 44 washers and 44 dryers…

The CCI system is linked electronically to each machine, and “I can remotely access what’s going on,” Barry Monroe says. He can check revenues for the day, the hour, even the year.
He can add value to a card, do time-of-day pricing, reboot computers, and see which machines are running.


When Wash World opened four years ago, Barry teamed with the Hispanic restaurant next door, then a pizza shop, in a live radio promotion. “He would do some type of free pizza, and we would give out a free-wash card.”

He still believes in rewards. The panel on the front of the card dispenser tells customers when they’ve earned enough cumulative points for a free wash. 

Called Wash to Win, it visually shows their purchases approaching the 120 point mark.

When that happens, says Barry, images of fireworks start exploding. “It goes off like a 4th of July celebration – You Won a $3 Wash!”

Other bonuses can be programmed into the computer. For instance, customers who register their cards are awarded $5 worth of washing and drying within seven days of their birthday.

“It helps build that customer loyalty,” Barry says. “All those little things add up.”


Find out how to become an remote owner with CCI’s LaundryCard, which gives you the ability to remotely manage your laundromat.


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