Laundry Drop-off Services: Why You Should Offer Them

August 17, 2016 | Investment

Drop-off laundry services organically expand business – high-end clientele who may not traditionally use a laundromat will be more likely to patronize your business if drop-off service is an option. With today’s busy lifestyle, consumers want all the help they can get, and people are ready to pay for such help. Offer an answer to someone’s hectic schedule by including wash, dry and fold options.

Professionals are accustomed to streamlined processes – and if they can find it in a laundromat, you can be sure they will use it. Leverage wash, dry and fold options to increase customer acquisition and expand your business beyond a traditional coin laundry. Using tools such as LaundryCard promote a sense of personalization in service, while allowing busy clients to go about their day.

Why Laundry Drop-Off Services?

Approximately 123.55 million Americans work full-time jobs. Of this employee pool, 40 percent report working 50 or more hours per week. What does this mean? Time is at a premium for a large number of Americans – and these people are willing to pay for a service that makes their lives easier. Even those who have a washer and dryer in their home or apartment may still feel their time is better spent in their business or profession – likewise, they’d like to leave the laundering to the professionals.

The average person spends about an hour and a half on each load of laundry. An increasingly large number of people are choosing laundry drop-off services for their wash, dry and fold needs in an effort to save time. High-end clients want a positive and easy laundry experience. Knowing their clothes are laundered properly and cared for during cleaning and drying will be worth the expense. By offering such services, your laundromat will be at the receiving end of those funds.

Marketing to Customers and Encouraging Loyalty

For those clients who want these extra services but still want to be appreciated, consider customer loyalty cards and rewards programs. Providing comprehensive, easy-to-use benefits is essential to standing out from other Laundromats. Programs such as LaundryCard keep track of customer rewards as they go. Managers set marketing specials and promotions, and the system monitors these deals. Options such as the Big Bill Bonus encourage clients to put more money on their loyalty card upfront in order to obtain bonus cash that the system automatically adds. This is a win-win – even higher-end clientele want to know their money is well-spent. The FasCard App also makes it easy for your clients to pay and manage their machines, which will keep customers coming back to your store. Laundromats that implement FasCard and LaundryCard technology free up time spent by owners collecting coins. With no need to collect coins, LaundryCard store owners have more time to market to potential wash, dry and fold customers.

Particularly in large cities, competition in the Laundromat field can be stiff. It is well worth the investment to offer drop-off services and LaundryCards to remain competitive and elevate your business above the rest. In this modern and busy age, convenience is key to growing a customer base. Providing laundry drop-off services will help elevate your clientele and keep customers walking through the door, while loyalty programs will keep them coming back.

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