Cellular Backup Now Available!

September 8, 2017 | FasCard

The FasCard system is ideal for laundromats and laundry rooms. Adding FasCard to your laundry machines allows you to accept coins, credit/debit cards and loyalty cards and provides tools for running a laundry business. CCI has recently announced Release 14 for the FasCard system. Some of the new features include in-app ApplePay, Spanish-language prompts, assigning tasks and managing work schedules for employees, and enabling employees to clock in and out of work shifts. One cool new feature of FasCard and its latest release is the opportunity to have Cellular Backup. This internet backup service mode allows FasCard owners to add backup capability for maximum up-time protection for the FasCard system. In the event of a primary internet outage, the CCI Cellular service will become active and provide continued internet connectivity for the FasCard system.

If internet connectivity is lost without backup, it negatively impacts the operations of a laundry business and causes stress for the owner. CCI’s Cellular service helps safeguard laundromats from internet disruptions and allows business to continue as usual when outages do occur. Cellular Backup is a low cost, peace of mind option for FasCard locations looking for maximum ‘up-time’ and to ensure there is continuity of service in the case of internet connection failure. With Cellular Backup, the system automatically fails over to cellular connection when primary internet fails and your laundromat customers never notice an interruption in service. The system will automatically fall back to primary service once internet is restored. The cost for the Cellular Backup Plan is $15.00 per month and up to 48 hours of service per month may be used. The service activates automatically when an outage of the primary internet connection is detected. You can also choose to use this as your primary internet service for the FasCard system (different fees apply).

A FasCard system gives you several tools to simplify your life as a laundromat owner and help you manage your laundry business. FasCard offers features for your customers that set you apart from competitors and improve your profitability. Both FasCard and LaundryCard from CCI offer the industry’s most advanced card payment systems designed with both the operator and end user in mind. Contact us today and let our experts help you find the best system solution that fits both the needs of you and your customer!

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