Announcing the FasCard App

April 3, 2017 | FasCard

For years now, mobile has been on the rise. Since consumers are able to access information from anywhere and at any time via their mobile device, the mobile marketplace has grown, offering users more convenient ways to do things like shopping and banking. Now, consumers can pay just by tapping their phone, or bank without ever stepping foot inside a building.

To keep up with technology and the growing rate of tasks users are able to accomplish with their phones, we’ve created an app for use with our FasCard system. Available for both iPhone and Android, the FasCard app allows laundromat customers to remotely start and monitor their machines, add money to their account and more.


Scan to Select a Machine

While customers can manually choose which machine they would like to start via their smartphone, one of the biggest features of the FasCard app is the ability to use their phone’s camera to activate their machine. When users go to ‘Quick Start’, their camera will prompt them to scan the code on the machine’s card reader: a near effortless way to start their laundry.


Add Value Directly From the App

Customers will no longer need to be in the store to load money on their loyalty card. They can now load money from within the FasCard app itself, completely eliminating the need for cash and streamlining business.


See Machine Availability and Remaining Cycle Time

App users can see what machines are available without needing to physically be in the store, and they can also see the remaining cycle time of machines currently in use, giving them time to plan their commute and increasing customer satisfaction. If desired, customers can even request email notifications when their cycles complete!


A Loyalty Card System, Without the Need for a Physical Loyalty Card

With all of these features, the FasCard app acts as a loyalty card. Customers who use the app will no longer need to own a physical card, but can instead use the app in the same way. They can take advantage of all of the loyalty programs at their favorite stores, and the app will keep track of it all. Or, if they forget their loyalty card one day, they can use the app, because functionality between the app and physical cards are interchangeable.

The FasCard app will streamline the way customers interact with FasCard enabled machines and do their laundry, which will improve customer satisfaction, increase profits, and grow business. In addition, the FasCard app fits in seamlessly with both multi-unit laundromats and stand alone stores.

Ready to put the FasCard system in your laundromat and increase your profits with the FasCard app? Contact us today and get started with a modern laundry room that is easy for customers to use, and even easier for you to manage.