Taking your laundromat business to the next level...

Savvy laundromat owners are turning to LaundryCard and FasCard to help take their business to the next level. Laundromat owners who are simply tired of spending all of their time collecting coins and who want to be able to adjust vend prices incrementally—by pennies instead of whole quarters—are turning to the LaundryCard, a coinless laundry solution. Owners of small to medium-sized laundromats who are looking to accept both coins and credit cards are turning to the FasCard system.

LaundryCard and FasCard not only provide alternative laundry payment options but also introduce a holistic solution to the sometimes chaotic business of running a laundromat. Our digital laundry payment systems allow you to manage your stores remotely, from your laptop or even your smartphone, and introduce valuable store metrics, marketing opportunities, and promotional offers that would otherwise be unavailable (with even other card-op systems).

LaundryCard and FasCard have dramatically improved the way laundromat owners are able to manage their business and have changed what today’s customer expects when they visit the laundromat.

  • "I love that people can use both coins and cards, not all of my customers want to use cards"
  • "I can see every turn of my washers and dryers now, and that’s invaluable to me"
  • "I was able to start a machine remotely to solve a customers issue, saving me an half hour drive"
  • "I appreciated that I could start with a few card readers and add more over time, I could not have afforded a card system without this option"
  • "The loyalty program has added a new dimension to my business, I now have an effective way to attract new business "
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  • "Customer reaction to switching to a card system was overwhelming positive. It has improved customers loyalty and keeps them coming."
  • "I’m in and out of a store much quicker since converting to LaundryCard, its given me the freedom I wanted when I got into this business"
  • "I now have better control over my employees, I can see when they clock in, monitor their usage, and make sure they are completing their tasks"
  • "I had the same size coin store, this system has saved me 5 and half hours per week with almost 100 machines."
  • "People are used to card systems from self-checkout at grocery stores - it’s a non-issue. It’s what people expect these days"
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