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Card Concepts Inc. (CCI) designs all of its solutions with both the operator and end user in mind. Our FasCard system is an innovative payment solution that works with existing coin laundry machines and allows you to accept credit/debit, physical loyalty cards, virtual app based loyalty cards along with coins at your laundromat. We are excited to announce our latest product innovation for the FasCard system, the F2, a second generation FasCard reader. Usability, quality & reliability are priorities when creating any of our laundromat products and our new card reader is no exception. The F2 FasCard Reader is designed with the latest technology and many of its features are unique to CCI.

Here are the top ten features of the cutting-edge F2 FasCard Reader:

  1. 5 Multi-Color Status LEDs A feature unique to CCI, the F2 features multicolor LEDs that can blink and indicate status. Quickly look down a row of machines and see which are available, which are currently in-use, and which are out of service with the row of multicolor status LEDs on the F2 reader. These 5 indicator LEDs can be a wide range of colors and can beam steady or blink depending on the status of each machine.
  2. Full Color 3.5” Touchscreen Display The F2 FasCard Reader is the only card reader in the industry with a full color touch display. Customers can easily interact with your machines and start their laundry via the easy-to-use interface. The display shows your customers their loyalty point balance, any credits they have, lets them add value and use rewards directly from the reader.
  3. Dual Coin Inputs In the past, the FasCard reader could only monitor one coin drop. But since customers might want to use a different denomination, like dollar coins, we’ve added the ability to monitor a second coin drop to the F2 FasCard Reader. The F2 can monitor multiple coin inputs so your customers can pay with multiple coin denominations, an exclusive feature that is not offered by similar products on the market.
  4. Mobile Wallet  No card is needed when your customers pay with their smart device. Interfaces with popular mobile wallet platforms such as Apple Pay and Android Pay will be available in 2018.
  5. Totally Field Repairable The F2 has a completely modular design, making it totally field repairable. If a part goes out, simply order what failed and easily replace it yourself. This lowers machine down-time, making your store more profitable.
  6. 1 Reader Can Manage 2 Pockets of Stack Dryers One F2 reader can now manage two pockets of a stack dryer, eliminating the need to purchase two card readers and saving you money.
  7. Vertically-oriented card swipe The F2 FasCard Reader has a vertically-oriented card swipe which allows for more flexibility. No more bumping into walls or other machines when swiping a card.
  8. 1 store can accommodate both F1 and F2 readers Since the F2 works off of the same infrastructure and software as the original FasCard Reader, your store can have a mix of the F1 and F2 FasCard readers without the need for multiple setups.
  9. 24VAC and 12VDC native input power compatible The F2 FasCard Reader drastically reduces install time because you can now plug into the existing transformer on your machines, instead of having to drill holes and wire in another transformer.
  10. Out of sight install screws We’ve moved the install screws to the bottom of the F2 reader so they are out of sight and you no longer have to worry about covering them with product labels.

The F2 FasCard will be available for purchase later this year. If you’re interested in adding the F2 FasCard Reader or the FasCard system to your laundromat, contact us today to learn more.