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Will my machine work with FasCard or LaundryCard?
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IPSO is one of Europe’s largest and most reliable commercial laundry equipment manufacturers. CCI laundry payment systems work with IPSO washers and dryers, and give you the ability to add card readers and holistic laundry management systems to your current coin-operated machines.

CCI has multi-vend serial integration with the following IPSO controls:

  • Maestro V

For mechanical timer machines and all other IPSO controls not listed, we can still offer a single-vend solution to meet your needs.

*Asterisks represent a partial number. Only the string in front of the asterisk has to match.

WasherIPSICN*Multi-Vend Interface
WasherIWE018Single-Vend Interface
WasherIWE025Single-Vend Interface
WasherIWE040Single-Vend Interface
WasherIWE050Single-Vend Interface
WasherIWE075Single-Vend Interface
WasherIWF018Single-Vend Interface
WasherIWF025Single-Vend Interface
WasherIWF030Single-Vend Interface
WasherIWF040Single-Vend Interface
WasherIWF040MCSingle-Vend Interface
WasherIWF055Single-Vend Interface
WasherIWF055MCSingle-Vend Interface
WasherIWF075Single-Vend Interface
WasherWE165Single-Vend Interface
WasherWE181CSingle-Vend Interface
WasherWE234Single-Vend Interface
WasherWE73Single-Vend Interface
WasherWE95Single-Vend Interface
DryerIPD50Single-Vend Interface
DryerIPSITT*Multi-Vend Interface
DryerIT075L3Single-Vend Interface
Stack DryerITT30N3VB2G2W01Single-Vend Interface
Stack DryerITT30NBY*Multi-Vend Interface
Stack DryerITT45NBY*Multi-Vend Interface
Washer18EXSingle-Vend Interface
Washer25EXSingle-Vend Interface
Washer40EXSingle-Vend Interface
Washer50EXSingle-Vend Interface
WasherBFNBCFSG111TW01Single-Vend Interface
WasherBFNBCFSP112TW01Multi-Vend Interface
WasherBFNBEFSP111CW01Multi-Vend Interface
WasherBFNBEFSP111TN01Single-Vend Interface
WasherBFNBYASP113TW01Multi-Vend Interface
WasherBWNBX2PP112CW01Multi-Vend Interface
WasherBWTT20WNMulti-Vend Interface
WasherHW94Single-Vend Interface
WasherICN060KY*Single-Vend Interface
DryerIPD45Single-Vend Interface
DryerIPD30Single-Vend Interface

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