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Will my machine work with FasCard or LaundryCard?
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Electrolux has been making quality coin-operated laundry equipment for over half a century. CCI laundry payment systems work with several popular Electrolux washers and dryers, and give you the ability to add card readers and holistic laundry management systems to your current coin-operated machines.

CCI has multi-vend serial integration with the following Electrolux controls:

  • Compass (Washer Only)
  • CompassPro (Washer Only)

For mechanical timer machines and all other Wascomat controls not listed, we can still offer a single-vend solution to meet your needs.

*Asterisks represent a partial number. Only the string in front of the asterisk has to match.

WasherW5105HMulti-Vend Interface
WasherW5105SSingle-Vend Interface
WasherW5130HMulti-Vend Interface
WasherW5130SMulti-Vend Interface
WasherW5180HMulti-Vend Interface
WasherW5180SMulti-Vend Interface
WasherW5240HMulti-Vend Interface
WasherW5250SMulti-Vend Interface
WasherW5280XMulti-Vend Interface
WasherW5300HMulti-Vend Interface
WasherW5330SMulti-Vend Interface
WasherW5350XSingle-Vend Interface
WasherW5600XMulti-Vend Interface
WasherW575HMulti-Vend Interface
WasherW585SMulti-Vend Interface
DryerT4290Single-Vend Interface
DryerT4530Single-Vend Interface
DryerT4650Single-Vend Interface
DryerT5290Single-Vend Interface
DryerT5300SSingle-Vend Interface
DryerT5420SSingle-Vend Interface
DryerT5425SSingle-Vend Interface
DryerT5550Single-Vend Interface
DryerT5675Single-Vend Interface
Stack DryerT4300SSingle-Vend Interface
Stack DryerT4420SSingle-Vend Interface
WasherW4105SMulti-Vend Interface
WasherW4130SMulti-Vend Interface
WasherW4180*Multi-Vend Interface
WasherW4240HMulti-Vend Interface
WasherW4250SMulti-Vend Interface
WasherW4300HMulti-Vend Interface
WasherW4330SMulti-Vend Interface
WasherW475HMulti-Vend Interface
WasherW485SMulti-Vend Interface
Combo Washer/DryerWD4130Multi-Vend Interface
Combo Washer/DryerWD4240Multi-Vend Interface
Combo Washer/DryerWD5130Single-Vend Interface
Combo Washer/DryerWD5240Single-Vend Interface

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