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Will my machine work with FasCard or LaundryCard?
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American Dryer Corporation is a coin-operated laundry machine manufacturer based in Massachusetts. CCI laundry payment systems work with American Dryer washers and dryers and give you the ability to add card readers and holistic laundry management systems to your current coin-operated machines.

CCI provides a single-vend integration with all ADC washers and dryers.

*Asterisks represent a partial number. Only the string in front of the asterisk has to match.

DryerADG-530Single-Vend Interface
DryerAG230BHSingle-Vend Interface
DryerES-3535Single-Vend Interface
DryerES-5050Single-Vend Interface
DryerSL-3131Single-Vend Interface
DryerSL-75Single-Vend Interface
WasherEWH-30Single-Vend Interface
WasherEWH-40Single-Vend Interface
WasherEWH-60Single-Vend Interface
WasherEWR-25Single-Vend Interface
WasherEWR-40Single-Vend Interface
WasherEWR-60Single-Vend Interface
DryerAD-115Single-Vend Interface
DryerAD-222Single-Vend Interface
DryerAD-235Single-Vend Interface
DryerAD-24Single-Vend Interface
DryerAD-25VSingle-Vend Interface
DryerAD-285Single-Vend Interface
DryerAD-30VSingle-Vend Interface
DryerAD-30x2RSingle-Vend Interface
DryerAD-330Single-Vend Interface
DryerAD-333Single-Vend Interface
DryerAD-444Single-Vend Interface
DryerAD-4545Single-Vend Interface
DryerAD-50Single-Vend Interface
DryerAD-50VSingle-Vend Interface
DryerAD-75Single-Vend Interface
DryerADG-75Single-Vend Interface
DryerAD-78Single-Vend Interface
DryerADG-236DSingle-Vend Interface
DryerADG-330Single-Vend Interface
DryerADG-330DSingle-Vend Interface
DryerADG-360Single-Vend Interface

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