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Add a cellular backup to your location.
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In the event of a primary internet outage, the CCI Cellular Backup service will become active and provide continued internet connectivity for the FasCard or FLEX system.  The failover is automatic and once your primary internet service is restored, the system will switch off of cellular and back to the primary connection.  Alerts may be configured to inform owners when the cellular back up has been activated and when the primary internet connection has been restored.  The cellular backup option requires a CMR (Cellular Modem Router) as well as a subscription to the cellular backup service.

Pricing (Per Location):

Cellular Backup Router  $315 (One required per location)
Backup Service  $15 per month (up to 48 hours per month, per location)

How to Install

Installation and networking instructions can be located here: https://cardconceptsinc.atlassian.net/l/cp/HtJi4ybE
You may also contact CCI Technical Support for additional assistance by calling 630-930-5115  Option 2


Payment will be collected by ACH, using the same ACH account for which your FasCard/FLEX hosting fees are collected monthly.  A onetime fee for the hardware will be charged along with any applicable shipping.  The backup service will be added to your monthly CCI hosting fee each month and can be reviewed via your Billing History report.

How to Order:

Fill out the attached form, if you have more then one FasCard account you will need to fill out this form for each account.  Once your submission is received, your order will be shipped within 3 business days.  If you have questions or need to speak to someone about your order contact us at 630-930-5115 Option 1.


Your account number starts with 'F' followed by 4 numbers. (Example F1234)
How many locations within this account do you want to add back up service?
List the names of each of the locations for which you would like Backup Service added.
Name of the person and/or business the hardware should be shipped to
Shipping Address(Required)
Where shall we ship the hardware?
Service Agreement(Required)

Last updated: October 21,2022

By signing below and submitting this form you agree to be charged a one time fee for hardware as described herein this page. One set of hardware will be provided for each location described in the above form ($315 per location). Shipping fees will be added to this one time payment.

You also acknowledge that CCI will adjust the monthly hosting fee to accommodate each location for which the back up service is being added at a rate of $15 per month per location.

The service includes up to 48 hours of use per month. If a location uses more than 48 hours in a month, the location will be charged $40 for that given month.

This service is only to be used for FasCard/FLEX backup service, connecting any unapproved hardware will result in suspension of cellular service.

All charges will be collected via ACH transfer, the same ACH account for which CCI currently collects monthly hosting fees for the noted account.

Any failure to collect payment for hardware or software will result in suspension of service or delay in shipment of hardware.

Cellular services are provided third party provider, CCI does not warrant or guarantee the services provided by these third party.

Hosting fees including Cellular Backup Service fees can be reviewed via Billing History Report available via your admin portal.

This service may be cancelled at any time, 30 days written notice is required. Cancellation requests may be emailed to [email protected] Refunds are not provided for hardware after cancellation.

Please sign, acknowledging that you agree to the service agreement.