FasCard App FAQs

Here are some common questions we get from FasCard App users.
FasCard App FAQs


How do I add a location?

To add a location, you must scan a machine QR code or enter a 6-digit code which is provided by your laundry facility. You cannot add a location by searching.

How do I check my balance?

Your balance should be available upon logging into the FasCard app and selecting your desired location, if your location has a kiosk you can check your balance in store. If you do not see your balance, you may still need to add your location and/or connect your loyalty card to your FasCard app.

How do I add money to my card/account?

To add money in the app, open and choose the desired location and account. Click on the Add Value icon and it will prompt you for the amount and your credit card payment info. You can also add value to your loyalty card at the kiosk and/or machine reader inside the laundromat. Click here for video instruction

How do I get a refund?

Management/ownership at your location is able to issue a refund or transfer lost card balance to a new card. Please note that these decisions are solely at the discretion of store owners and may be subject to individual circumstances. FasCard does not hold your money and cannot process returns, we send your balance directly to the store owner.

Why didn't I get my bonus for downloading the app? (i.e. $5, free wash, free dry)

Once you have downloaded the FasCard app, you will need to add the location and then enter the coupon code for your free bonus promotion. All promo codes are set by individual laundromat owners, FasCard has no control over promotions run in-store or the promo codes used. You will need to contact management/ownership at the location about a promo code that is not working or expired.

How do I connect my loyalty card to the app?

Go to Settings in the bottom right and click the Add Loyalty Card button. Your card number and pin should be on the top right of your laundry card.

How do I add a coupon/promo code?

To add a promo code to your account:

1. Open the FasCard app and selected the desired location.
2. Select the Coupons icon and tap the APPLY COUPON button.
3. From here you can scan a coupon QR code or tap the screen to enter the code manually and select submit.

Where is my card number & pin?

Your card number and pin are located on the top right of your loyalty card, or your pin may be located on the back.

What is a loyalty card and how do I get one?

A loyalty card provides ease of payment and can earn you bonuses and coupons, dependent upon individual location promotions. To get a physical loyalty card you must get one from an attendant or the kiosk at your desired location. NOTE: You do not need a physical loyalty card to use the FasCard app, you can start machines through the app once you’ve added that location.

Why does the FasCard app says my card is already in use?

This can occur if you have multiple accounts on the same device or the card is already attached to another account or device. This is a safety feature to ensure that if you card is ever lost or stolen, they cannot use the money on your card. If you believe this has happened in error please reach out to management/ownership at your laundry location.