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Brian FasCard Review

Check out Brian’s in depth review of our FasCard payment system originally posted on the Planet Laundry forum board.

Brian goes in to great detail about our system and many of the features, here are a few excerpts from the post.

Basically you install the readers on each machine, they communicate wirelessly to a little black box which is connected to the internet, and that’s it. That’s all the infrastructure needed in your store.

The way the system works is essentially this: You install the readers on each machine in your store (or just one, there is no minimum).

Using a smart phone with FasCard's digital laundry payment reader via "Brian's Equipment Review: CCI's FasCard System"

I was amazed by the ability to use the associated smartphone app to be able to check and see what machines are available at any given time before arriving at the store! Customers can also register their credit card with the app to start machines in the store with their phone, if they’d like.

Adding value to loyalty card with CCI's FasCard digital laundry card reader via "Brian's Equipment Review: CCI's FasCard System"

The fact that CCI has been producing the LaundryCard system for close to fifteen years now means a great deal in regard to their serial interface with all major equipment manufacturers. Their integration with Alliance products is of especial interest to us as we use Speed Queen machines exclusively. The control and options this allows far exceeds what any other credit card system available offers at this time.

We did some quick math and if we had FasCard at all three stores versus SpyderWash at all three stores, we would be paying $700/year less for FasCard on monthly maintenance fees alone. This doesn’t include the potential savings of being able to shop around for our own credit card processing company with the lowest rates.

Now for that whole “Other” category: Loyalty cards! This is one category where FasCard really outshines any other offering and where their years of experience with the LaundryCard system come into play. Here’s something that I learned on this trip that blew me away: Every card reader can serve as a Value Transfer Machine (VTM) to recharge loyalty cards! Just swipe the card, choose your desired amount to charge, and swipe your credit card. You can, of course, recharge their balance through the website as well but this was such a neat feature I thought I’d mention it.

FasCard offers many reasons for customers to get Loyalty cards, such as being emailed when their washers are done, bonus dollars being awarded for either adding enough money to a card or for spending a certain amount in the store, free dry points for washing with certain machines (if you’re into that), and more.


Check out the full review here: Brian’s Equipment Review: CCI’s FasCard System via

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Take a look at the FasCard review posted by a user on, its always great to see people take an interest in our products and to share their experiences with others.

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