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CCI’s products are not just card systems that allow you to accept alternative payments. Our products are advanced automation systems that provide you a holistic solution to running your laundry business. We are continually making improvements to our products to take your laundromat to the next level, and we are excited to announce our latest system update for FasCard, Release 14. At CCI, we design all of our products with both the operator and end user in mind and Release 14 for FasCard is no exception. The latest upgrade for FasCard has innovative features that benefit users, employees, managers and owners.

Here are the new additions included in the latest system release for FasCard:

1) Modern and Personalized Customer Benefits

  • In-App Apple Pay Your customers can now use Apple Pay on their iPhones to add value to their loyalty account! Smartphone users have the choice to purchase a flat amount or preconfigured value packages (i.e. Buy $10, Get $11). Having the ability to make in-app purchases with a credit card or Apple Pay is a modern convenience for your customers and takes your laundry facility to the next level.   
  • Spanish Language FasCard now has added Spanish language support for customer card reader functions to help you meet the needs of Spanish speaking laundry customers. Your users can choose between Spanish and English instructions and the FasCard system will remember your customer’s language preference and continue to display appropriately.

2) Automated and Remote Employee Management

  • Scheduled Tasks With the new FasCard release, you can schedule repeating tasks for your attendants and have them view and update their progress through the FasCard smartphone app. You are also able to run reports to view which attendants completed tasks and if they were completed on time, giving you a whole new level of remote store management.
  • Employee Work Schedule Through the FasCard admin portal, you can create, edit and monitor one-time and ongoing employee work schedules. Using the FasCard smartphone app, your employees can view their upcoming work schedules. Employees can now clock in and out from any FasCard reader in the store. Operators may verify the hours for completed shifts using the Employee Hours Report.   

3) Added Features to Credit Card Processing

  • Maximum Daily Credit Card Limit You can configure a maximum daily purchase amount from any single credit card so that users cannot charge over a certain amount per credit card, per day. Setting a daily credit card limit helps you reduce fraud potential and limits your liability.
  • Offline Credit Card Mode Even if your internet goes offline, credit cards can still be used by your customers and transactions are processed when internet connectivity is restored.  

4) New Internet Services Available

  • Cellular Backup Cellular Backup is a low cost, peace of mind option for FasCard locations looking for maximum ‘uptime’. The system automatically goes over to cellular connection when primary internet fails and falls back to primary service once internet is restored.
  • CCI Internet Service CCI has a new option for FasCard locations looking for low cost internet options. Reliable LTE 4G wireless service is easy to configure and manage and plans start as low as $20 a month (*taxes and fees not included).

Release 14 is available August 2017 and is provided at no additional cost to all FasCard customers. If you’re interested in learning more about FasCard or implementing CCI’s solutions in your laundromat, contact us today!

v7.3.1 (May 9, 2013)


  • Fixed issues that can arise if system is not rebooted after update. Installer now requires the reboot after installation.
  • Fixed Credit Card Daily Amount error even after a credit card was allowed to exceed limit.


  • Increased default reinsert card timeout (from 2 seconds to 4 seconds) when a card is not read.
  • Reworded onscreen message when a card cannot be read. New wording will hopefully help customers better understand what to do when card is not read.

v7.3.0 (April 17, 2013)

New Features

  • Added free dry limit field (in General Info) to automatically reset unused free dries at the end of the night.
  • Added Coupon Program report
  • Added ability to set custom description for Deposit (example: Membership Fee). This will override the text shown on customer screens
  • Added ability to clear the Customer Error Log
  • Added ability to delete old Check Messages errors (persistent errors will re-appear)

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  • Fixed issue where occasionally customers would receive a new card with no money on it and the money does not show up in escrow
  • Fixed issue where occasionally the Attendant Work Schedule would show incorrect/duplicate schedules
  • Fixed issue where certain transaction descriptions showing as “Unknown” on reports
  • Fixed issue where assigned escrowed credit card transactions would show the X-Changer the escrow was assigned from, not the X-Changer that the escrow originally occurred on
  • Fixed issue where the entire LaundryCard screen could be accidentally moved/resized
  • Fixed issue where could not set a decimal value for birthday or registration bonus
  • Fixed issue where unassigned escrow transactions do not show in Totals Report. A new line has been added that shows “Total Escrow Balance”
  • Fixed issue where using a pound (#) symbol in the description when using Assign Cards would cause an error
  • Fixed issue where time on X-Changers would not sync correctly
  • Fixed issue when dispensing a card using Safari (desktop or mobile) would cause the card to have incorrect values
  • Fixed issue where calendar popup does not display if the field contained invalid data
  • Fixed issue where collection fails if large number of bills are being collected (due to not performing collections in a long period of time)
  • Fixed employee hours editor not selecting the correct employee if two employees have similar names. Editor now has a single drop down field that shows Card Number and User Name
  • Fixed issue where a long Special Message set on a customer card would not display properly
  • Fixed issue that allowed blank/empty coupon programs to be setup
  • Fixed issue where Credit Card Amount customer screen was in English even if card language was set to Spanish
  • Fixed “Show Details” checkbox missing from Starts History Report
  • Fixed issue where cash transactions are occasionally logged as credit card
  • Fixed issue where customer does not receive a credit card receipt if transaction goes to escrow
  • Fixed issue where dispensing cards would not work remotely from a smartphone
  • Fixed issue where card reader may not show correct message

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  • Unified look and feel (styling, colors, fonts) of entire interface
    – Back button is now in upper left corner on applicable pages
    – Save button is now in upper right corner on applicable pages
    – Consistent page title area
    – Cleaned up all button graphics to use same font/size/shadowing
    – Interface looks 99% the same regardless of browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE9, IE10, etc)
    – Renamed “BNA Power Cycle” button to “Bill Acceptor Power Cycle”
    – Renamed “Bonus” button to “Bill Bonus”
    – Added “Data Saved” confirmations to all pages with Save buttons
  • Added number pad popup to ALL numeric input fields
  • All popups require a single touch when viewed at the X-Changer. If viewed remotely through VPN, all popups require a double-click
  • Improved popup calendar. Added month/year dropdowns. Added ability to select dates in previous/next month.
  • Added row highlighting on reports when viewed remotely
  • Added Store ID and X-Changer to main Manager and Attendant screens
  • Moved Free Dry Analysis and Wash to Win Analysis reports to the Reports screen
  • Added the date/time generated to header of Reports
  • Bill Bonus now shows the bonus amount only, instead of the entire value (example: $2 bonus for $20 now shows “2.00″ instead of “22.00″)
  • Equipment Types are now grouped by equipment type
  • Time of Day pricing fields now show as blank if tod pricing not configured. This makes it much easier to see which days have special pricing configured
  • Can now clear each Time of Day pricing schedule individually
  • Added additional info to Machine Info to make it easier to get a quick overview of all machines and their address/line number/equipment type
  • Invalid cards are now hidden by default on the Card Overview screen
  • Card details screen now shows the last 5 transactions for a card to quickly see recent activity
  • Added ability for customers to register using a Canadian postal code
  • Added underscore “_” character to customer registration keyboard
  • Added confirmation prompt for any dollar amount before processing a credit card (previously only prompted if $100 or more)
  • Employee cards no longer earn loyalty values (free dries, wash to win, bonus)
  • Wash To Win setup screen now easier to use. New fields automatically calculate points/goal.
  • Shortened timeout on customer escrow screen (2min to 30sec) and added Cancel button
  • Added scrolling marquee to Wash To Win advertising screen to prompt user to touch screen to continue.
  • Escrow improvements.
    – Manager can no longer edit assigned escrows
    – Added column to show the X-Changer the escrow occurred at
    – Added date filter to Manager escrow page
    – Added column to show cardholder name if customer used a credit card
    – Escrows applied now show in Card Activity
  • Added Wash to Win Points/Bonus fields to Card Details screen
  • X-Changers now sync time with internet time servers
  • Application errors are no longer shown in on-screen dialog box
  • Added ability to edit current and future coupon programs. v7.1.5 would only allow editing the last added program
  • Attendant > Card Activity button will now show the activity for the employee card using the system.
  • Added lots of additional useful information to Store Status screen
  • All existing phone numbers are formatted to XXX-XXX-XXXX
  • Improved Merge Cards report layout
  • Improved MultiStore Transfers report layout
  • Lots of other various cleanup/improvements