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Today’s laundry equipment is more advanced than ever. One of the most popular features of modern laundry equipment is multi-vending or cycle based pricing which gives you the ability to charge different vend amounts depending on the cycle selection of the user. This allows store owners to increase profits simply by offering their customers the ability to upgrade their cycles (extra rinse/wash), as well as charge more for hot water or less for cold. Selling these upgrades to your customers is a powerful way to increase sales and maximize your profits.

Cycle upgrades (extra rinse/wash) and variable priced cycle options (more for hot, less for cold) are unique capabilities that make a positive impact on a store’s bottom line, but only if the payment system supports them properly. FasCard and LaundryCard are fully compatible with these features because of their ‘multi-vend’ interface. ‘Multi-Vend’ refers to a type of card reader to machine interface that allows the card reader and the machine to communicate back and forth and allow these features. See our compatibility guide to learn more about how we integrate with today’s latest brands. CCI’s laundry payment systems are compatible with nearly every make and model of commercial laundry equipment.

CCI’s multi-vend interface is seamless in that it allows the machine to ‘sell’ these upgrades without the user having to touch the card reader. Others may claim to ‘work’ with these latest controls, but require the user to press buttons on their card reader to match the price on the machine. CCI rises above the competitive products and integrates deeply with the machine’s control ensuring a more natural user experience. Installing a CCI payment system on a multi-vend compatible machine means there are no unnecessary steps for your customers to use these features which makes it easier for your customers to purchase upgrades and ultimately means your customers will buy more often and your profits will grow.

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Investing in a CCI payment system pays for itself in many ways and being able to sell upgrades is one way to do that. Customers that pay using a credit card are less resistant to cycle based upgrades, allowing better profits from your machines. They no longer have to insert more quarters to buy another wash cycle. The impact of raising the price for hot water or an upcharge for an extra rinse/wash is very minimal to your customer but could have a tremendous positive impact on your bottom line. You are also meeting the needs of customers by offering these features, setting your laundromat business apart from the others. With CCI’s payment systems, you can run a detailed multi-vend analysis report and see the usage percentage for different temperatures and extra washes/rinses. One store owner saw that his customers selected extra rinses more frequently in his 80 lb washers vs. his 30 lb washers. He determined this was probably due to the larger machines being used more for bedding because the extra rinse feature is needed to remove soap from thicker items like pillows and comforters.

When you are able to offer cycle upgrade options, you are giving your customers the ability to customize their laundry which separates you from competitors and keeps your customers coming back to your laundromat.  When customers take advantage of these features, it adds to your ROI and improves your profitability. FasCard and LaundryCard from CCI offer the industry’s most advanced card payment systems designed with both the operator and end user in mind. Contact us today to learn more about our payment solutions and how investing in the technology can give you more ways to increase the profits of your laundromat business!