From Novice to Veteran: The Savvy Owner’s Guide To A Profitable Laundromat

Opening a Laundromat can be a rewarding investment that is both profitable and gives you the freedom to run a successful business without being tied to an office all day. This is a great fit for professionals and investors looking for a more hands-off investment opportunity or for those who simply want the freedom that comes from running a business that doesn’t require being onsite or managing a large number of employees.

When deciding to go into the Laundromat business there are number of decisions to be made—location, type of equipment, technology, financing, etc. As any successful business owner will agree, the first stages of starting or buying a business can sometimes be the most difficult. So whether you’ve just now decided on building, buying or investing in a Laundromat or you’re a new Laundromat owner, there are several key factors you need to take into consideration when weighing your options.

In this eBook, From Novice to Veteran: The Owner’s Guide to Profitable Laundromats, we will hopefully answer many questions about owning, operating and investing in a Laundromat for both the budding and experienced Laundromat owner. We’ll point out key items to spot and hopefully give you a leg up in creating the perfect laundromat.

The key topics included in this eBook are:

  • Should I buy an existing Laundromat or build my own?
  • What should I expect when buying a Laundromat?
  • How can I manage my Laundromat remotely?
  • What are some new trends in the Laundromat industry that I should be aware of?
  • Which payment methods are best for my Laundromat—coins, cards or a hybrid system?
  • How can I encourage customer loyalty and retention?

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