LaundryCard Software

What’s New in LaundryCard

Version 9 (Available Q3 2017)

New User Interface

A refreshed user experience for Laundromat customers at the X-Changer

EMV Integration

Support for EMV ‘Chip’ based credit/debit cards for improved security

NFC Integration

Support for ApplePay and AndroidPay for smart phone payments

Customizable Management Screens

Give your employees custom access to your system, pick and choose how much control each employee has

Prize Packages

Allow customers to redeem points for prizes, as customers earn ‘Wash Points’ they can view various prizes from the X-Changer. Once they have enough points, they can select the prize of their choice and redeem via the attendant.

Lost Card Recovery

New screen allows selected employees (Other than managers) to assist customers with lost cards by searching by their registration information and dispensing a new card with the same details and balance. Their lost card is marked invalid.