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Last updated 10/23/2023

EBT Payment Capability

EBT, also known as Electronic benefit transfer, is a card-based system similar to a debit card that allows recipients of government assistance, such as food stamps, to pay retailers directly for their purchases. The acceptance of EBT has been a long standing request from our users and we are pleased to extend this new payment option, so you can better serve your customers.

There are specific hardware /software and location requirements regarding the acceptance of EBT, as such our support team will assist in determining the correct path for you to accept this exciting new payment option.

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Advanced LaundryCard LIVE

Advanced LaundryCard LIVE (ALCL), is an expanded version of LaundryCard Live that includes advanced features leveraging CCI's dedicated cloud servers to provide functionality normally not available in an 'On Premise' solution. ALCL bridges the gap and allows you the ability to adopt features normally only found in 'Cloud Based' system.

ALCL gives you access to: 24/7 Technical Support NEW System Dashboard X-Changer Monitoring Alerts Location Monitoring Alerts Remote Data Backup Push Reporting SYNC Service and MORE to come!


CCI Marketing Service (CMS)

A lot goes into successfully marketing a laundry business, and you already spend so much time managing other aspects of your store. Our experts are here to help! CMS gives you a brand new website, optimized social media and Google profiles, reputations management, weekly social media posting and incorporates the marketing tools built into your payment system, maximizing the investment you've made in your CCI product.

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We have launched EBT acceptance as an optional feature on LaundryCard payment systems! This allows customers with state provided EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) cards that include laundry to make payments in your laundromat.

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