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Last updated 08/06/2019

NFC Payments on F2 card readers

Accept 'Tap to Pay' on ApplePay and GPay compatible smart phones. All F2 card readers can now accept NFC transactions ,users simply tap their enabled device to the reader to pay for their cycle. If you have F2 card readers with this feature not enabled you will need to contact CCI for details on how to start accepting this new form of payment.

Updated Credit Card Status Report

The Open Credit Card Status Report now shows the 'Entry Method' for each transaction type. This allows you to see if a payment was provided by Mag-stripe or NFC.

New 'Auto Start' feature for loyalty card transaction

You can now configure your card readers to 'Auto Start' when a loyalty card with sufficient balance is used. This option makes loyalty card starts much faster by eliminating the loyalty menu from appearing, eliminating the need to touch the card reader to start a machine. Just swipe and go!

Support for zero dollar pricing

FasCard readers can now support zero dollar pricing, when enabled retail customers do not have to swipe a card only select the start option from the card reader.

Add Value Kiosks now support F2 card reader

If you upgraded your store from F1 to F2 and still have an F1 card reader managing your Add Value Kiosk, you can now upgrade that kiosk with an F2 card reader.
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