FasCard Release 18

What’s New in FasCard

Release 18 – Available to all FasCard Customers

Charge Different Price for Credit vs. Cash

Store owners now have the option to charge a higher price for credit card payments in order to cover the costs associated with a credit card purchase. This is done by simply configuring a surcharge percentage in the FasCard Admin site. There is signage for this feature, that is available for download here. Learn how to setup this feature here.

Apply Coupons to Existing Loyalty Accounts

This feature adds the option when creating (or saving) a coupon to automatically apply the coupon to an existing loyalty group. This allows the user to apply a coupon to only existing users that are part of a selected loyalty group or all loyalty users. For example, if you have a coupon that you want to give only to your college student loyalty group or Veterans, now you can! Learn how to setup this feature here.

Record and Display Credit Card Type in Reports

This feature shows the type of credit card (VISA/MC/AMEX, etc) used in credit card transactions, in reports. This is especially useful when cards are declined because the card type is not accepted.

Test and Trust

Test and trust brings a second alternative for debit card pre-authorization, which allows the owner to set a small pre-authorization amount. If successful, the customer is allowed to spend up to a  new “max limit” without additional pre-authorization transactions. Learn more about test and trust here.