The FasCard App allows customers to

A Powerful Loyalty Card System,
Without the Need for Physical Loyalty Cards

See Machine Availability

Quickly see open machines and machines in use

Add Coupons

Scan or input a code to receive Bonus Packages, Free Dry and more

Add Value to an Account

Add value directly from the app in multiple increments

View Account Activity

Monitor account activity in one simple interface

Manage Loyalty Cards

Maintain numerous loyalty cards within one account

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Quick Start

As soon as customers log in to the app, they have the ability to perform a quick start, where they can quickly start a machine via their smartphone. All of this can be performed remotely, making it easier for your customers to manage their laundry and giving them another reason to do business with you!

See Machine Availability and Remaining Cycle Time

App users can see what machines are available without needing to physically be in your store, and they can also see the remaining cycle time of machines currently in use, giving them time to plan their commute and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Scan to Select a Machine

While customers can manually choose which machine they would like to start via their smartphone, one of the biggest features of the FasCard app is the ability to use their phone’s camera to activate their machine. When users go to ‘Quick Start’, their camera will prompt them to scan the code on the machine’s card reader: a near effortless way to start their laundry.

Add Value Directly From the App

Customers will no longer need to visit a kiosk to load money on their loyalty card. They can now load money from within the FasCard app itself, completely eliminating the need for cash and streamlining your business.

Reach new sales goals by implementing a loyalty program.

Encourage your customers to return through loyalty programs and enticing new customers through marketing specials, FasCard will help you take your business to the next level.

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Digital Loyalty Card

With all of these features, the FasCard app acts as a loyalty card. Customers who use the app will no longer need to own a physical card, but can instead use the app in the same way. They can take advantage of all of the loyalty programs you offer, and the app will keep track of it all. Or, if they forget their loyalty card one day, they can use the app, because functionality between the app and physical cards are interchangeable.

Built for Both iPhone and Android

The FasCard app is compatible with both iPhone and Android. Your customers can visit the App Store or Google Play Store and download the app for immediate use in your laundry room!

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