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The FasCard system works with existing multi-housing facility laundry rooms and allows you to provide your tenants and guests with an alternative to coin laundry. The addition of card acceptance provides a faster and more convenient vending experience, improves security for your tenants and increases your total revenue!

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Eliminate coins

With FasCard, you can completely eliminate the hassle and risk of accepting coins in your property’s laundry room! FasCard lets you accept credit or debit cards directly on your laundry equipment, which means no more vandalism, stolen coins, or constantly collecting change from your facilities.

For residents who prefer using cash, you can offer them a loyalty card that they can load with any amount they choose, allowing them to operate the machines without using coins.

Freedom to choose your own merchant processor

FasCard is one of the only products on the market that lets you choose your own credit card merchant services provider. Having the option to choose gives you the ability to shop for the best rates and do business with whom you prefer. FasCard also allows you to change processors at any time. Having this flexibility ensures that you will have control over some of the fees associated with accepting credit cards in your property’s laundry room.

Don’t lock yourself into a product that forces you to use a specific processor. If they claim to let you choose be sure to verify it. Only FasCard gives you complete freedom over your provider.

Don’t have a merchant provider? No problem, we’ll be happy to make a no-obligation recommendation!

FasCard can do more then just accept payment, it can help you make more money! Find Out How

Live remote laundry equipment status

Give your residents the ability to remotely see what machines are available in your laundry room with FasCard. On any internet-connected device, they can see open machines, remaining cycle time on machines currently in use, or even monitor their active machines remotely from the comfort of their own home. FasCard will even send confirmation emails when a cycle is complete.

All of this makes your laundry room more convenient to use and increases your profits.

Reach new sales goals by implementing a loyalty program.

Encourage your customers to return through loyalty programs and enticing new customers through marketing specials, FasCard will help you take your business to the next level.

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Start machines from any smartphone

Smartphones play an integral role in our lives, and in the lives of your tenants. FasCard includes smart phone interfaces for today’s latest devices and is the only product on the market with support for both Android and Apple (IOS) phones.

Your tenants and guests will be able to create an account, add value, manage loyalty cards, check machine availability, request cycle completion notifications and even start a machine, all from their phone.

Only FasCard offers these features on any smart device!

Web-based facility management and metrics

Accepting debit and credit cards is only a small piece of what FasCard can offer. Giving your tenants reasons to use your laundry room versus a different facility begins by encouraging loyalty.

FasCard’s loyalty programs include Loyalty Points, Bonus Packages, Free Dry and more, and FasCard is the only system that allows you to market these programs to your tenants that use coins too!

Invest in the technology that gives you more ways to increase the success of your property’s laundry room!

Easy management of multiple properties

Managing multiple properties is made simple with FasCard. You can configure an unlimited number of locations, and group them for simplified management. Easily see what locations need servicing or special attention.

You can also run reports on each location or group, so you can monitor the success of each laundry room over time. FasCard gives you the information you need to make more informed laundry room management decisions.

Only FasCard offers this many features...

  • 24/7 Technical support
    24/7 Technical support

    Because we understand that your business relies on weekends and evenings to be successful , we have committed ourselves to offering you service, when you need it.

    Day or night a CCI technical support agent is available, only CCI offers this level of service!

  • Apply Coupons to Existing Loyalty Accounts
    Apply Coupons to Existing Loyalty Accounts

    Adds the option when creating (or saving) a coupon to automatically apply the coupon to an existing loyalty group. This allows the user to apply a coupon to only existing users that are part of a selected loyalty group or all loyalty users.

  • Charge Different Price for Credit vs. Cash
    Charge Different Price for Credit vs. Cash

    Adds the option to charge a higher price for credit card payments in order to cover the costs associated with a credit card purchase.

  • Record and Display Credit Card Type in Reports
    Record and Display Credit Card Type in Reports

    Shows the type of credit card (VISA/MC/AMEX, etc) used in credit card transactions in reports. This is especially useful when cards are declined because the card type is not accepted.

  • Cutting-Edge Card Reader Technology
    Cutting-Edge Card Reader Technology

    The FasCard system features a brand new F2 Card Reader that features a full color 3.5″ touchscreen display*, 5 multi-color status LEDs*, is NFC enabled and has dual coin inputs*.


    *Only with CCI

  • Test and Trust
    Test and Trust

    Adds a second alternative for debit card pre-authorization, which allows the owner to set a small pre-authorization amount. If successful, the customer is allowed to spend up to a  new “max limit” without additional pre-authorization transactions.

  • Accept coins, credit/debit, & loyalty cards
    Accept coins, credit/debit, & loyalty cards

    Give your customers the choice to pay any way they choose!

    FasCard gives you the flexibility to accept any or all payment options available. Coins, credit/debit cards, or loyalty cards, accept them all or any combination of them.

    Customers can even insert some coins and swipe their card for the balance!

  • Best machine experience
    Best machine experience

    FasCard readers are unique and provide the best user experience to your customers.

    FasCard readers have the largest graphical backlit display in the market, and are the only readers with a three button keypad offering your customers an easy yet powerful experience with the system.

  • Employee cards
    Employee cards

    FasCard is perfect for stores with employees. Whether you operate a wash and fold service or not, employees need a way to start machines. No more giving coins to employee for rewashes! No more collecting coins for wash and fold orders! Simply issue your employees an employee card and reduce their exposure to cash.

    The Employee Card feature allows you to manage and audit your employees usage. Employee needs more money on their card? Easy, just log into your admin account and add the value from any internet device.

    Any sales generated by employee cards are not reflected on sales reports, all employee activity is recorded on the Employee Usage Report for audit at any time.

  • Wireless card readers
    Wireless card readers

    FasCard readers operates on a wireless network, which means no hard wire network cabling has to be run to any central device.

    The FasCard setup is fast & easy and will save you time & money during your installation process. Just install the wireless FasCard reader to your machine and plug the Satellite Access Point into your internet connection, that’s it! No need for additional computers to configure or set up. Just log on to your FasCard account from any internet device and set up your location and pricing.

    FasCard readers are the only readers on the market with an integrated antennae, this means no external wires to run or antennae to mount. FasCard readers also work on any make or model machine, no need to stock specific readers for specific machines, any reader will work on any machine!

    Almost any internet service will work with FasCard, no static IP or special router equipment required.

  • No minimum card reader purchase
    No minimum card reader purchase

    While others require a minimum purchase, FasCard allows you to start small and grow over time.

    Start a few readers on your largest machines to help minimize the number of quarters that have to be collected, as your budget allows add readers to your other machines and start taking advantage of FasCards loyalty programs to really grow your business.

  • Card and coin auditing
    Card and coin auditing

    One of the added benefits of using FasCard is its ability to audit both coin and card sales on any specific machine. This will give you the ability to not only track the success of your credit card sales but monitor the number of coins in each machine.

    Know how full your money boxes are and schedule your coin collections accordingly. Give yourself added confidence that collections are accurately being deposited and help collection employees rectify discrepancies before it becomes a problem.

  • Choose your own processor
    Choose your own processor

    Don’t make the mistake of purchasing a product that locks you into a specific merchant processing company. FasCard allows you to choose your own processor.

    Having a choice gives you a competitive edge and allows you to have control over some of the costs associated with accepting credit cards.

    Purchasing a product that does not allow you to choose your own processor can result in higher processing rates with little or no option to change.

  • Coin box ‘Full’ and collection notifications
    Coin box ‘Full’ and collection notifications

    FasCard helps you manage your cash.

    Configure FasCard to send you email notifications when coin boxes reach capacity, collect only when you need to!

    Have someone else collecting for you, or want to go on vacation? FasCard can send you an email notification that details the coins collected from each machine once your collector has finished. Finally a way to keep your money accounted for without having to collect it yourself!

  • Loyalty programs
    Loyalty programs

    Accepting debit and credit cards is only a small piece of what FasCard can offer. Giving your customers reasons to do business with you versus your competition begins by encouraging loyalty.

    FasCard’s loyalty programs include Loyalty Points, Bonus Packages, Free Dry, Group Discounts and more, and FasCard is the only system that allow you to market these programs to your coin customer too!

    Invest in the technology that give you more ways to increase your business!

  • Multi-Vend compatible
    Multi-Vend compatible

    Today’s laundry equipment is more advanced then ever. Enhanced controls allow store owners to increase profits by offering users the ability to ‘Upgrade’ their cycles as well as charge more for hot water or less for cold. These features can make a positive impact on a stores bottom line but only if the payment system supports them properly.

    FasCard is fully compatible with these features and has developed seamless interfaces that allow the machine to ‘sell’ these upgrades without the user having to touch the FasCard reader. Others may claim to ‘work’ with these latest controls but require the user to press buttons on their card reader to match the price on the machine. FasCard integrates deeply with the machines control ensuring a more natural user experience.

    See our compatibility guide to learn more about how we integrate with today’s latest brands.

    Installing FasCard on a multi-vend compatible machine means your customers will not have to execute extra steps to use these features and ultimately means your customer will use these new features more often.

  • Easy-to-use smartphone app
    Easy-to-use smartphone app

    Smart phones play an integral role in our lives and in the lives your customers. With the FasCard app, available for both iPhone (iOS) and Android, your customers will be able to create an account, add value, manage loyalty cards, check machine availability, request cycle completion notifications and even start a machine!

    The FasCard app acts as a digital loyalty card and will streamline the way your customers interact with your machines and do their laundry, which will improve customer satisfaction, increase your profits, and grow your business.

    Only FasCard offers these features on any smart device!

  • Time of day pricing
    Time of day pricing

    Offering specials during slow periods is a great way to add volume to your business.

    FasCard not only allows you to schedule price changes at any time, but is the only system on the market that makes these changes for both card and coin customers! Once pricing schedules have been created online they are automatically downloaded into the store and the machines adjust their price at the appropriate times.

    Have older equipment that currently does not support time of day pricing? No problem, FasCard adds this feature to any machine, new or old.

  • Web-Based management
    Web-Based management

    Accessing your FasCard system is simple and can be performed from any web browser. This means iPhone, iPads, Android devices, PC’s, and Netbooks are all capable of accessing FasCard.

    The FasCard management tools will allow store owners to configure vend prices, specials, run reports, configure alerts, and monitor the status of the system and the equipment all live.

    Have multiple locations? FasCard was designed to support multi-store owners and give them access to all of their locations with a single username and password. You can even group locations to simplify your pricing and marketing schemes.

  • Engineered and built in the USA
    Engineered and built in the USA

    Proud to be designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA!

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