a flexible coin replacement solution

FasCard Flex eliminates the need for coins at your laundry business and allows you to accept credit/debit cards and loyalty cards in addition to mobile payments
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FasCard Flex is the industry’s easiest and most flexible system on the market today and allows you to eliminate coins in your Laundromat.

Designed by store owners for store owners, FasCard Flex delivers a cost-effective coin replacement solution that is designed, built, and supported in the USA.

eliminate coins
wireless card readers
flexible payment options


Employee Cards
Issue your staff a card to allow them to process wash / dry/ fold orders, or assist with a customer service issue. Manage the balance on the employee cards remotely.
Clock in and out from any card reader
Simplify employee time management by allowing employees to clock in and out from any FasCard Flex reader in your store.
Manage employee schedules and view schedules via smartphone
Create, edit and monitor one-time and ongoing employee work schedules for multiple locations with the FasCard Flex system — all from your phone.
Setup employee tasks and remotely track progress
Create tasks for your employees and monitor their progress each shift from the online store management system.

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loyalty programs FasCard Flex has integrated loyalty programs including Loyalty Points, Bonus Packages, Free Dry, Group Discounts, and Time of Day pricing to help you attract new business and encourage customer loyalty.

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cloud-based infrastructure There are no local computers to manage — simply configure and monitor your store from any device. System notifications help you monitor locations, and offline mode allows you to continue to operate even when internet fails.
Easy-to-use app for customers The FasCard app makes doing laundry convenient. Your customers are able to create an account, add value, remotely check machine availability, request cycle completion notifications, start machines and more.

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The FLEX reader is wireless, no networking cabling required. Once the reader is installed it wireless connects to the FasCard network.
full color touchscreen
The FLEX Reader is the only card reader in the industry with a full color touch display. Customers can easily interact with your machines and start their laundry via the full color touch display on the FLEX Reader. The display lets your customers see their loyalty point balance, add value and use rewards directly from the FLEX Reader.
Multi color status LEDs
The FLEX Reader features multicolor LEDs that can blink and indicate status. Quickly look down a row of machines and see which are available, which are currently in-use, and which are out of service.
Eligible for Upgrades
The standard FLEX reader is capable of accepting loyalty cards, but can be upgraded to also accept credit/debit cards as well as NFC payments like ApplePay and GPay.

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convenient kiosks

Automate your FasCard Flex loyalty program by adding a payment kiosk. Allow customers to dispense loyalty cards and add value with cash or credit/debit cards without an attendant. Our kiosks make transactions convenient for your customers and collection simple for you.

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24/7 tech support
fixed rate credit card processing
cellular backup
multi vend support
easy To install, wireless system
penny incremental vend pricing

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