Managing a Laundromat

Learn about managing your investment and making the most of your time.
Pillar – Managing a Laundromat

Spend Less Time at the Store

Once you have your laundromat up and running, the next big thing to keep in mind is how to manage your investment. Just like any other money-making operation, a laundromat needs good management to keep it strong, keep the customer base happy and keep it growing.

As technology improves, so does remote monitoring. You may choose to manage your laundromat remotely while employing people to knock out everyday tasks. Remote monitoring can allow you expand your laundromat business while still being on top of your finances and machine management.

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Managing Employees

Even if you’re a remote owner with remote monitoring, somebody still needs to unlock the doors, mop the floors and do other day-to-day tasks. Dealing with the problems that come with having employees can be stressful, but with good employee management, you can rest easy knowing your employees are keeping your laundromat running.

Upgrading Your Store

In a market full of opportunity, you need to set yourself apart from your competition. Having ancillary services like laundry drop-off services and adding extra amenities can not only help your customer loyalty, but can increase your profits. New, faster machines like high g-force machines will make your customers’ laundry experience faster and more efficient for them, and keep them coming back to your laundromat. With these machines, having upgrades can both boost customer satisfaction and your bottom line. Keeping prices low, and not having huge price jumps will keep your customers thinking they are getting the best value for their money, and using penny increment increases can help you fight rising utility costs and increase your revenue.

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Marketing Your Store

So you have all your brand-new machines, sparkling clean floors with kind, attentive employees, and payment systems to meet the need of every customer that comes through the door – but there’s still no customers! Owners can use technology to squash the biggest laundromat complaints and market themselves as the better and more flexible laundromat that meets the need of their customers. Additionally, encouraging customer loyalty by using laundromat loyalty programs will keep your customers coming back to your laundromat.

The Customer Experience

Unfortunately, every customer won’t have a perfect experience 100% of the time, and some customers are bound to be unhappy. Dealing with their complaints can make or break a laundromat, and bad online reviews can have a huge impact on your business. Responding to these reviews with professionalism and grace is critical — here’s how to do it.

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