Multi-Store Networking Option

Multi-Store Networking service allows multiple stores from within the same ownership or franchise to transfer card data between live. For example if a store owner operates three locations in the same town, customers can purchase a card in Store A and use the card in Store B or Store C as well. When a customer visits a store that is different from their previous visit within a franchise the customer will be required to insert their card into the X-Changer in order to transfer their card. Once the card has been transferred the balance on the card will become immediately available. The totals report will have an added field to show store owners the dollar amount of card balances that have been transferred in or out. The Multi-Store Networking service requires a full time synchronization server to be available at all times in order to handle transfer requests from franchise locations. This server is to be hosted at a CCI managed location on redundant servers. This server will monitor and index transfers of specific card numbers and provide search optimization to minimize transfer times.