LaundryCard v7.3 Release Notes

August 14, 2013 | LaundryCard

v7.3.1 (May 9, 2013)


  • Fixed issues that can arise if system is not rebooted after update. Installer now requires the reboot after installation.
  • Fixed Credit Card Daily Amount error even after a credit card was allowed to exceed limit.


  • Increased default reinsert card timeout (from 2 seconds to 4 seconds) when a card is not read.
  • Reworded onscreen message when a card cannot be read. New wording will hopefully help customers better understand what to do when card is not read.

v7.3.0 (April 17, 2013)

New Features

  • Added free dry limit field (in General Info) to automatically reset unused free dries at the end of the night.
  • Added Coupon Program report
  • Added ability to set custom description for Deposit (example: Membership Fee). This will override the text shown on customer screens
  • Added ability to clear the Customer Error Log
  • Added ability to delete old Check Messages errors (persistent errors will re-appear)

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  • Fixed issue where occasionally customers would receive a new card with no money on it and the money does not show up in escrow
  • Fixed issue where occasionally the Attendant Work Schedule would show incorrect/duplicate schedules
  • Fixed issue where certain transaction descriptions showing as “Unknown” on reports
  • Fixed issue where assigned escrowed credit card transactions would show the X-Changer the escrow was assigned from, not the X-Changer that the escrow originally occurred on
  • Fixed issue where the entire LaundryCard screen could be accidentally moved/resized
  • Fixed issue where could not set a decimal value for birthday or registration bonus
  • Fixed issue where unassigned escrow transactions do not show in Totals Report. A new line has been added that shows “Total Escrow Balance”
  • Fixed issue where using a pound (#) symbol in the description when using Assign Cards would cause an error
  • Fixed issue where time on X-Changers would not sync correctly
  • Fixed issue when dispensing a card using Safari (desktop or mobile) would cause the card to have incorrect values
  • Fixed issue where calendar popup does not display if the field contained invalid data
  • Fixed issue where collection fails if large number of bills are being collected (due to not performing collections in a long period of time)
  • Fixed employee hours editor not selecting the correct employee if two employees have similar names. Editor now has a single drop down field that shows Card Number and User Name
  • Fixed issue where a long Special Message set on a customer card would not display properly
  • Fixed issue that allowed blank/empty coupon programs to be setup
  • Fixed issue where Credit Card Amount customer screen was in English even if card language was set to Spanish
  • Fixed “Show Details” checkbox missing from Starts History Report
  • Fixed issue where cash transactions are occasionally logged as credit card
  • Fixed issue where customer does not receive a credit card receipt if transaction goes to escrow
  • Fixed issue where dispensing cards would not work remotely from a smartphone
  • Fixed issue where card reader may not show correct message

Making a Laundromat a Profitable Reality

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  • Unified look and feel (styling, colors, fonts) of entire interface
    – Back button is now in upper left corner on applicable pages
    – Save button is now in upper right corner on applicable pages
    – Consistent page title area
    – Cleaned up all button graphics to use same font/size/shadowing
    – Interface looks 99% the same regardless of browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE9, IE10, etc)
    – Renamed “BNA Power Cycle” button to “Bill Acceptor Power Cycle”
    – Renamed “Bonus” button to “Bill Bonus”
    – Added “Data Saved” confirmations to all pages with Save buttons
  • Added number pad popup to ALL numeric input fields
  • All popups require a single touch when viewed at the X-Changer. If viewed remotely through VPN, all popups require a double-click
  • Improved popup calendar. Added month/year dropdowns. Added ability to select dates in previous/next month.
  • Added row highlighting on reports when viewed remotely
  • Added Store ID and X-Changer to main Manager and Attendant screens
  • Moved Free Dry Analysis and Wash to Win Analysis reports to the Reports screen
  • Added the date/time generated to header of Reports
  • Bill Bonus now shows the bonus amount only, instead of the entire value (example: $2 bonus for $20 now shows “2.00″ instead of “22.00″)
  • Equipment Types are now grouped by equipment type
  • Time of Day pricing fields now show as blank if tod pricing not configured. This makes it much easier to see which days have special pricing configured
  • Can now clear each Time of Day pricing schedule individually
  • Added additional info to Machine Info to make it easier to get a quick overview of all machines and their address/line number/equipment type
  • Invalid cards are now hidden by default on the Card Overview screen
  • Card details screen now shows the last 5 transactions for a card to quickly see recent activity
  • Added ability for customers to register using a Canadian postal code
  • Added underscore “_” character to customer registration keyboard
  • Added confirmation prompt for any dollar amount before processing a credit card (previously only prompted if $100 or more)
  • Employee cards no longer earn loyalty values (free dries, wash to win, bonus)
  • Wash To Win setup screen now easier to use. New fields automatically calculate points/goal.
  • Shortened timeout on customer escrow screen (2min to 30sec) and added Cancel button
  • Added scrolling marquee to Wash To Win advertising screen to prompt user to touch screen to continue.
  • Escrow improvements.
    – Manager can no longer edit assigned escrows
    – Added column to show the X-Changer the escrow occurred at
    – Added date filter to Manager escrow page
    – Added column to show cardholder name if customer used a credit card
    – Escrows applied now show in Card Activity
  • Added Wash to Win Points/Bonus fields to Card Details screen
  • X-Changers now sync time with internet time servers
  • Application errors are no longer shown in on-screen dialog box
  • Added ability to edit current and future coupon programs. v7.1.5 would only allow editing the last added program
  • Attendant > Card Activity button will now show the activity for the employee card using the system.
  • Added lots of additional useful information to Store Status screen
  • All existing phone numbers are formatted to XXX-XXX-XXXX
  • Improved Merge Cards report layout
  • Improved MultiStore Transfers report layout
  • Lots of other various cleanup/improvements
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