3rd Party Cards Agreement

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This document outlines an agreement between store owners (referred to as "Owners") and CCI Payment Systems (referred to as "CCI") regarding the use of third-party cards in conjunction with CCI's proprietary payment systems for vended laundry systems. Owners, by proceeding with this agreement, acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions outlined herein.


1.1. CCI has meticulously designed its payment systems to ensure seamless compatibility with cards provided by CCI for use with vended laundry systems.

1.2. Owners, in considering the introduction of third-party cards into CCI's payment systems, understand that this action may introduce variables beyond CCI's control.


2.1. Dispensing: Owners acknowledge that the use of third-party cards may impact the proper dispensing of services or goods through CCI's payment systems. CCI cannot guarantee the proper functioning of its systems with third-party cards.

2.2. Reading: Owners understand that CCI's card readers are optimized for cards supplied by CCI. The introduction of third-party cards may lead to incompatibility issues, potentially causing operational disruptions. CCI is not liable for any reading-related problems resulting from the use of non-standard cards.

2.3. Activation: Owners accept that the activation of third-party cards within CCI's systems may lead to unforeseen complications. CCI assumes no responsibility for adverse outcomes, complications, or malfunctions resulting from the use of unapproved cards.

2.4. Any Other Use: Owners who choose to employ third-party cards in conjunction with CCI's payment systems do so at their own discretion and risk. Any consequences arising from these actions are the sole responsibility of the Owners.


3.1. Owners acknowledge that the introduction of third-party cards into CCI's payment systems may result in their system being excluded from future updates and features provided by CCI.

3.2. CCI continually works to enhance its payment systems by offering updates and additional features to improve functionality and security. Owners understand that these updates and features are designed to work seamlessly with CCI's proprietary cards.

3.3. Owners accept that the use of third-party cards may lead to compatibility issues with future updates and features, and as a result, their system may not benefit from these advancements.

3.4. CCI will not be responsible for addressing compatibility issues or providing support for systems using third-party cards that are excluded from future updates and features.

Primary Commitment: CCI remains committed to providing superior payment solutions for vended laundry systems through its proprietary card systems. Any deviations from this standard are the responsibility of the Owners.

Adherence to Standards: Owners are encouraged to uphold the highest standards of compliance with industry regulations and best practices when considering third-party cards. Failure to do so may result in complications beyond CCI's control.

Owners may seek inquiries, assistance, or support related to CCI's payment systems and services by contacting CCI's dedicated support team. CCI is committed to ensuring the optimal performance of its systems within the parameters of its service offering.


Owners, by proceeding with the use of third-party cards in conjunction with CCI's payment systems, acknowledge that they have read, understood, and accepted the terms and conditions of this agreement. Owners understand that their commitment to the proper use of CCI's payment systems contributes to the continued success and reliability of their laundromat business.