FasCard Flex vs. Laundroworks

FasCard Flex

Full Color Touch Screen Display

Full color touch screen display for ease of use

Low Cost Mag Stripe Cards

With mag stripe cards, the long term cost of ownership is low

24 Hour Technical Support

24 hour over the phone technical support

Made in the USA

Product made exclusively in the USA

US Based Technical Support Staff

8 US-based dedicated full-time technical support staff

Front and Rear Accessible Kiosk

Loyalty Kiosk has both front and rear accessibility

Employee Task Schedule

Schedule repeating tasks for your attendants and have them view and update their progress through the smartphone app

Employee Work Schedule

Manage your employee work schedules through the FasCard admin portal. Employees can use the FasCard smartphone app to view their upcoming shift times.

Employee Time Clock

Employees clock in and out from any FasCard reader in the store. Run time card reports from the FasCard admin portal and process your payroll with ease

Integrates with Third Party POS Systems

API available for third party POS system integration

Cellular Backup Option

Cellular backup option available for continuous internet connectivity if store wifi goes down

20+ Years Experience in the Industry

Over 20 years of experience in the vended laundry industry

Add Value to Loyalty Accounts From any Card Reader

Every card reader acts as an add value kiosk

Free-Standing Option Available for Kiosk

The touch kiosk comes in a free-standing option, rather than having to mount in the wall


Card reader can be upgraded to add extra features