Multi-Vend compatible

Today’s laundry equipment is more advanced then ever. Enhanced controls allow store owners to increase profits by offering users the ability to ‘Upgrade’ their cycles as well as charge more for hot water or less for cold. These features can make a positive impact on a stores bottom line but only if the payment system supports them properly.

FasCard is fully compatible with these features and has developed seamless interfaces that allow the machine to ‘sell’ these upgrades without the user having to touch the FasCard reader. Others may claim to ‘work’ with these latest controls but require the user to press buttons on their card reader to match the price on the machine. FasCard integrates deeply with the machines control ensuring a more natural user experience.

See our compatibility guide to learn more about how we integrate with today’s latest brands.

Installing FasCard on a multi-vend compatible machine means your customers will not have to execute extra steps to use these features and ultimately means your customer will use these new features more often.