FasCard vs. CryptoPay


Accept Credit/Debit Cards along with coins

Give customers the choice on how to pay, using coins, credit/debit cards, or loyalty cards

Merchant Processor

Allows store owner to choose and negotiate merchant processing fees, also allows store owners to change processors if later they find a better deal

Remote Vend Price Changes

Allows store owner to change the vend price of the machines remotely for both coin and card transactions

Time of Day Pricing

Allows store owner to automatically schedule vend price changes based on time of day or day of week. This works for both coin and card vends

Free Dry Promotion

Allows store owner to configure a 'Free Dry' special where customer earn free dry time based on wash usage regardless if the customer pays with coin or card.

Coupon System

Allows store owner to issue and market coupons codes that let customers redeem for special discounts and bonuses

Loyalty Points Program

Allows store owner to award laundry customers with points for each dollar they spend and reward them once they reach the goal, available to customer regardless if they pay with coins or card.

'All-In-One' Card Reader Design

No external circuit boards or antennas to install, all required electronics are securely housed in the FasCard bezel