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FasCard Updated to Release 8!

New Features

  • Added Multivend support for LG washers and dryers
  • Added Multivend support for Galaxy 600 Tumblers
  • Added Multivend support for LaundryLux Crossover washers
  • Added support for new FasCard Touch Kiosk


  • Credit Card Transaction report now shows ‘Web Purchases’ from mobile devices
  • Loyalty accounts created by ‘Cards’ function can now be edited by admin site users
  • Coin Totals Reports renamed to Coin / Cash Totals Report, now support Kiosk transactions
  • Updated Loyalty Totals Report to support Kiosk transactions
  • Satellite Status History page updated…
    • Refresh button added
    • Defaults to the locations time zone
    • Date/Time changed to Start Time
    • Column added for Elapsed Time, VPN Address, Public Address, Satware Ver
  • Improved readability of tables
  • Improved error message when user tries to log in without setting password
  • Renamed ‘Retail’ tab to ‘Loyalty’
  • Machine Status History page updated…
    • Refresh button added
    • Date / Time renamed to Start Time
    • Elapsed Time, Sate Name, Firmwre version columns added
  • Improved error message if incorrect email was entered in reset password form
  • Added option for Compass and CompassPro machine to enable or disable  ‘Auto Start’ eliminating start button press, requires C-5359 harness
  • Improved offline card reader history reporting logic
  • Removed auto complete from password reset forms
  • Improved Loyalty Activity page, now shows more detail and organized in easier to read format

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed incorrect search results when searching for ‘Card Only’ users on Users page
  • Fixed location listing view on Reports page for accounts with more than 4 locations
  • Fixed issue with Alliance Quantum Gold tumblers where cycle time could not be set to 0 seconds
  • Fixed issue where some loyalty users would not earn free dry credits when paying with coin
  • Fixed issue on some Maytag equipment were incorrect number of free dry credits were awarded
  • Fixed issue with diagnostic card not working
  • Fixed issue with MultiVend analysis report not filtering by location correctly
  • Fixed issue on card reader where incorrect display message would appear if system was offline

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