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Not your average laundromat owner, not your average laundry payment system.

Laundromat owner and former engineer Kostas tells the story of his search for the perfect laundry automation system

“As Kostas, owner of Melrose Laundromat, will tell you himself, he’s ‘not your average laundromat owner.’”

Every piece of potential equipment must be inspected, customized, taken apart, reassembled, and it’s only after this process does Kostas make the final decision to use it at his store or not. This process played a vital role in Melrose Laundromat’s search for the perfect laundry payment system to automate his laundromat.

We caught up with Kostas to let him tell his story.”

Melrose Laundromat owner and former engineer, Kostas Romneos, found the solution to automate his laundromat in a digital card reader after searching high and low for a system that fit each of his detailed requirements. When he was given a demo of CCI’s FasCard reader, Kostas knew he had found the digital laundry payment system to completely automate his laundromat, so he could spend less time in the store, increase customer satisfaction, and bring in new potential business.

Since that pivotal demo over four years ago, when Kostas first began his odyssey for laundry automation, he has used the versatile card-and-coin operated FasCard digital laundry payment system in his original laundromat, Melrose Laundromat, and also succeeded in opening a new storefront, which — of course — is also equipped with of CCI’s digital FasCard readers.

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